Biathlete Maxim Tsvetkov: brief biographical facts

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biathlete Maxim Tsvetkov - young handsome guy, who at twenty-three, was able to achieve excellent results in the field of sport, namely in winter its forms, and find marital happiness.

His regalia sound smart.Tsvetkov was awarded the title of master of sports, and international level.In 2014 he became the champion of Europe.Up to 19 years - three times world champion among juniors.Up to 21 years - twice world junior champion.He won prizes in several World Cups.But first things first.

Maxim Tsvetkov (biathlete) biography.Fast Facts

Maxim Tsvetkov - a native of a small town Babaevo Vologda region with a population of 12 thousand people.Born in 1992, the feast day of the miracle worker Peter, the 3rd of January.In the hometown she graduated from high school №1, in the same place with sixteen attended Youth "Start", where all the institution as director managed his father.

Higher Education

After school decided to enter SMSUH.Sholokhov, which successfully attended classes on specialty "Psychology".The second education biathlete Maxim Tsvetkov gets MGAFK (Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture) in "Management in the sport."


It all started with a sports school.In 15 years' Celebration of the North "(or" Polar Olympiad ", held every year in the Murmansk region in early spring) took first place.And then there was the debut race in Holmenkollen (the highest point in Oslo, Norway) in the fight for the World Cup.Passed it was a result of eighth place.In 2011 - the first three places in the junior world championships the following year - in Kontiolahti (city in Finland) took the first two places among juniors, and then in various competitions in the junior league and European Cup held 1-3 places.

According to the results of the season 2014/2015 can be said that as a biathlete Maxim Tsvetkov feels confident in the relay 4h7.5 km and mixed.In an interview with the athlete he said that indeed, so it is much easier than in the individual races.Perhaps to bolster that you can not bring a team, maybe the team spirit stronger than inspiring.

That's a young guy from the experimental team to prepare for the Olympics in Sochi and was a real team of Russia.A promising, ambitious, capable - in short, the hope of the national sport.

Coaches young talent

first coach, to reveal the talent of Maxim, was his father - the coach of racing on skis, director Babaevskie Children's sports school.Before getting into the national team is preparing for the Pope was the man who supported and admonished the young guy.Further, the responsibility assumed honored coach of Russia Nikolai Lopukhov, a graduate of the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism, today awarded the Order of IV degree "For Service to the Fatherland."

Maxim Tsvetkov, biathlete: wedding

Second August 2014 Maxim was the main gold in his life.After two years of dialogue, which began with a simple correspondence in social networks, a young graduate of Philology of the Vologda Pedagogical University became the wife Anastasia Serebryakova biathlete.

wedding was held modestly, and was attended by only about forty guests.In an interview, she shared that it's very hard - to be the wife of an athlete.He is constantly in training, training camp, is that the young couple seen only a few days a month.But the good that we live in an age when it is easy to contact the person using mobile and Internet technologies.Let us hope that this pace of life the young wife Maxima will understand and accept.Living together planned in Vologda, but do not forget to visit the parents of Maxim Babaevo.

Some facts, said in an interview

In an interview with Maxim told why after six years playing for the Moscow region of the Russian biathlete has decided to conclude an agreement with the native Vologda region.I justified by the fact that after all the beginning of his career is related to Babayev, and now, when he reached high enough achievements, it may be the native region and in various competitions.

general Maxim tries to frequent their historic homeland.In his trips trying to devote time to not only family and friends, but also to those people who are rooting for him.For example, in one of the trips people gathered for morning exercises together with Maxim, and there were not only children and young people from schools and sports sections.Representatives of the older generation wanted to take part.

Russian biathlete Maxim Tsvetkov frequents various meetings with children's groups with a view to talk about sports or just to talk, to answer the questions.So, passing through Cherepovets, Maxim S. Tsvetkov was invited to talk to students of sports schools.Children with great interest to ask different questions, asked for autographs and took photos together.Most pleasant to hear, they want to be like Maxim - to achieve good results and get into the national team of Russia.

young biathlete realizes that all is not a given.A necessary part of hard training, but it's nice to feel like they give a result - not noticeable right away, but noticeable inside.Let's hope that Maxim was not taken aback fervor and not lose interest in biathlon.And looking forward to from the guy even better results and outstanding achievements at future competitions!