Currency in Moldova: history and description

Currency Moldova - Leu, which consists of one hundred baths.There are bills in denominations of one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred and two hundred MDL, as well as coins in denominations of one, five, ten and twenty five baths.

History Currency

a long time, the national currency in Moldova was absent.Moldavia enjoyed mainly by foreign coins: florins, ducats zloty and so on. D. In the XVII century on the territory of the state got the money with the image of the Dutch Lion.Moldovans call them lei.In the second half of the XIX century, Lei became the national currency of Romania.And in the 90s of the twentieth century, it emerged from the USSR Moldova officially announced them and their monetary unit.


Money Moldova have the following security features:

  1. Watermark dark color, is a picture of Stefan cel Mare.Portrait of pointing to the center and is easily visible against the light.
  2. security thread, "sewn" between the "rosette" in the center and decorative vertical strip on the left and browse to the light.
  3. outer edges of the image of the sun on the face of the bill and crescent - on the back should overlap each other when viewed in transmitted light.In addition, the same rims circles within which are the sun and the moon.
  4. letter V on the "face" of the banknote and the image of the two columns on the back of it should when viewed against the light forming the letter M.


currency exchange Moldova exchanged without problems.This can be done either in exchange or banks.The euro, the dollar, the ruble, and so on. D. About the same everywhere, but there are nuances.Many exchange offices there is a rule that he acts only if a large amount of change (equivalent to 100-200 US dollars, and more).In other cases, the course will be understated.On this client reporting rules, deliberately written in very small letters.Therefore safer to change currency in banks, although the course there is usually somewhat lower.

cash or bank transfer?

calculation using plastic cards is becoming increasingly popular in the country.Cash currency in Moldova is gradually displaced.But while that is still dominated by "real" money.Pay card can be in the new supermarkets, major hotels and shopping centers, in some prestigious restaurants and hotels of the capital.

Currency Transnistria

monetary unit of the Dnieper People's Republic of the Transnistrian ruble, which consists of one hundred cents.This currency - is not convertible outside of Poland, she can not walk.You can exchange foreign money in Transnistria is possible, but difficult.The course is constantly changing due to inflation.Bank transfer is practically impossible, and the system of the nominal value of banknotes is extremely complicated.