Strange, unusual and absurd wills

The dead are much more malicious alive.Aware that after the death of other people as the sun will still shine, and close relatives of enjoyment of life, some feel a sense of impotent rage.Took with him to the next world money, fame and pleasure is impossible, but thoroughly spoil the life of friends and family - always please.

Will kurilshika

example, one witty Englishman named Mr. Bratt, who is very "loved" his wife, left a legacy of spouse 330,000 pounds.At the time of his death, and it was the year 1961, huge denzhischi!However, to obtain the amount of the poor woman could only on one condition.As written in the will of the deceased husband: "The wife should smoke in the house every day five of my favorite varieties of cigars."It is worth noting that the wife of a lifetime strictly forbade his wife to smoke in the house and then came the reckoning.Sorry, but the further development of the story is not known whether his wife agreed to the terms of a will or not.It's probably not so important.The very late hoped the hype in the newspapers, to produce maximum effect with the announcement of the will.And its got!

Will Heinrich Heine

famous poet Heinrich Heine also scored very mocking the will.He married at age 44 to an illiterate but very beautiful saleswoman from the Parisian fashion shop, he spent seven years as long as he was not paralyzed.The next 8 years, the German poet lived with her under the same roof until death, to everyone's relief, not separated them.Despite all the arguments and misunderstandings, the poet has left all his money to his wife.But with one condition, that it is after his death as soon as possible got married for the second time.Motivated bizarre testament poet follows: "So I will be sure that the world will be at least one person who will regret my death!".

Mustache contention

Henry Budd had two sons.When the time came to rest in the Lord, loving, wealthy father decided to divide his fortune between the two suckers.But not for long, since under the terms of a will, who was the first of his sons grow a mustache, who will take part of the inheritance of his brother.We must pay tribute to the sons, none of them has ever dared to appear in public with even the slightest stubble.Shared £ 200,000 in a brotherly, that the end of the XIX century was a huge state

Bed Shakespeare

main proof of the existence of Shakespeare as a real man is his very strange will.Modern historians fall into a stupor from one phrase that is contained in it: "What will the second best bed in the house of my wife."Shakespeare still argue that it frazochka means contempt, a kind of English humor or real inheritance?It looks great playwright was a very weird ...

Skull Juan Potomac

Juan bequeathed in 1955 by 200,000 pesos Municipal Theatre of Buenos Aires on the condition that his skull would be used in the play "Hamlet".Oddly enough, the theater played a testament devoted theater-goer and got the money.Moreover, the skull Juan is still used in performances and if you are in Buenos Aires on a production of "Hamlet", you can see it firsthand.

smoke rings Charlie Chaplin

great comedian bequeathed a million dollars to anyone who will release the first six rings of smoke from his mouth and skip through them seventh.We know that Chaplin was a very heavy smoker tube and fanatel smoke, and display it in his will.Thousands of people around the world try in vain to perform this trick in hopes to get a million dollars.

Posthumous trolling Charles Millar

Completes selection Canadian lawyer who gloriously potrollit after his death.Charles bequeathed a large stake in its brewery three priests who fought fiercely in an unequal battle with alcoholism.As expected, the clergy took the inheritance.But it was only a warm-up!The second item in the will troll became a house in Jamaica (without sales), which he bequeathed to his three friends the lawyers, who hated each other.The third and most frikovym clause in the will was a legacy of 600 000 dollars, which will get that mother is legally married for ten years after the death of Charles will give birth to the greatest number of children in Toronto.Thus began the great race of storks in Toronto.The country plunged into a depression, there was no work, money for entertainment too.What to do?Just take part in the competition!In Toronto hit baby boom.In 1938 he began to sum up the first results.First, there has been two of the leaders of 10 children, but the two women were disqualified.One, because the children were from different men and the other for the fact that not all children given birth in Toronto.As a result, 600,000 dollars were divided among the four women who had 9 children.

And some strange and unusual wills

At the age of 97 years, died founder of Doritos, which traded corn chips.A man be buried along with a jar of favorite corn chips, which he invented, and so rich.

A designer Frederic Baur, invented bank cylindrical shape for chips "Pringles" commanded to burn his body in a crematorium and the ashes put in one of these cans.On the way to the cemetery, his children had to buy a jar of chips and pour the ashes from the urn with her.


Music producer Malcolm McLaren, untwist at the time the legendary punk band Sex Pistols bequeathed instead a moment of silence at his funeral was "a moment of chaos."The remains were buried Malcolm to loud rock music, and his coffin was drawn by four black horses and the inscription - "lived too fast and died too young."


cult writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson (real prototype of the protagonist in the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas") wanted his body was burned in the crematorium and the ashes scattered shot out of a cannon.A shot fired from a special weapon, which was fixed on the 46-meter crane.All expenses of the funeral to take on his friend Johnny Depp, who played Hunter in the famous film.


And in the coffin of the writer Frank Sinatra, according to the will, it should be: a bottle of whiskey, Zippo lighter and 10 cents "in the event of emergency calls from the dead."On the tomb of the legendary performer of spiritual songs it was engraved: "All the best - come!".


Elizabeth Taylor wrote in his will that he was afraid to be late for his own funeral, therefore, requested that the farewell ceremony began with a 15-minute delay.


legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, who was killed in 1996, has never hidden his love for gandzhyubasu.After the death of the musician, members of his group have published a video in which he said that said goodbye to another, mixing his ashes with marijuana and smoked the mixture.

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