As in "maynkraft" make the bed or start of the interior

Today we will talk with you about how to "maynkraft" make the bed.The fact that this is an interesting element of the decor, which often occupies a central place in the "bedroom".So get acquainted with the necessary materials and ways of creation of this item.


So, before you start to understand in today's question, let's first talk to you at all, why do we need a bed in the house.It's already great game "Maynkraft."How to make a bed, which is not only decorate the interior, but also will serve you little helper?Why is it necessary?Let's deal.

From the bed itself is a solid block with a pillow and blanket.He needs you to sleep quickly, and thus miss the night.Furthermore, the bed - a save point.That is, after the death of a player reborn in the place where the last sleep.Very comfortably.Especially when you have an urgent need to return home.So the bed - a useful thing.It is worth noting that it does not burn, and it's very good.But as in "maynkraft" make the bed?Let's deal together.


So now let's talk more specifically to you about what we need to create your own bed.Basic material - this board.With them you will be able to answer, crafted bed in "maynkraft."But where to get them?What should they be?

fact that the board - is one of the most common objects that can only occur in the game.They can be obtained by treating the wood.And so the world is full of vegetation.You just need to destroy the tree - in return you get a board.

However, it is worth noting that only a game "Maynkraft" There are 6 types of wood.To answer, as in "maynkraft" make the bed, you have to carefully try and collect all sorts of boards.If you try to make them out of different options that you will not come out.So have patience and effort, begin collecting resources.

order to design and deliver a crib, you must get three boards.To do this, as you can see, very simple.By the way, the color and type of wood did not change in the properties of your bed.Only the "color" of furniture.But in order to answer in full, as in "maynkraft" make the bed you have to get another material.Let's see how.


So, one more an item that you need to create your bed - this coat.It is possible to get a number of ways.So let's see what it is.

The first option - it is to shave a sheep.It is enough to start his own farm, or simply to find the world's sheep.After that, use a pair of scissors.We get a few pieces of white wool.If you are lucky, you will be able to detect the black sheep.With her, you guessed it, fall fur matching color.

second way to get us the necessary thing - it is crafted.Of what?From the white thread.To create such a beam is necessary to combine three units of threads.Once you do, in your inventory you will have white wool bales.


Now let's get you directly to the creation of our subject.Collect three boards and three beams of white wool.Then combine them in your inventory.Get a bed.

It is worth noting that the color it will be absolutely the same.We are talking about underwear.Whatever type of timber you use, you still get a red bed with white pillow.

To install this furniture you need two free unit in the room.

For maximum safety, the players try to place his bed behind the thick walls.They should be more than 2 units wide.Now you know how to "maynkraft" make the bed.