How to make a marriage proposal: several options

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Today is very popular so-called civil marriage, when a man and woman live together without officially registering their relationship.Well, everyone has a right to it.But it should be noted that the registry offices is not empty, which means that the traditional relations of not less popular.Hopefully, the results in this young institution true love.However, before the lovers go to apply, should occur no less significant event - the marriage proposal.

At this point, usually prepared in advance.Of course, you can present your favorite ring trite and say, "Marry me!" And even this modest event will please her madly.But how to make a marriage proposal to girlfriend is remembered for a long time?There will have to try.

Let's start with the version that we often see in Western films about love.Think of how to make a marriage proposal generally tend to their heroes.They throw the ring in a glass of champagne or secrete it into the cake (or other dishes).Just say: with such methods is better not to risk it, because no one can guarantee that she will not swallow your accident surprise.Then the memories of this evening will be not so beautiful.How to make an offer to the beloved, to avoid unpleasant consequences?Agree in advance with the waiter.Let him bring her a ring instead of a hot meal on a plate, covered with a lid.This "treat" it just have to taste!

going to go now to the nature and still not know how to make a marriage proposal in such a situation?Do not panic!In this situation, you have several options.If you are planning a trip to the pool, you can use the boat for their own purposes.While distracted favorite to communicate with friends, quietly uskolznite, watercraft decorate flowers and balloons, and then it Swim to shore.Inviting her to ride and then later tell her cherished words.

Another option would also require your imperceptible disappearance while.Before you make a marriage proposal, select near the small lawn, spread her mat picnic, cook champagne and fruit.Invite your lady love to walk and casually move it to a treasured place.That turn of events she'll be surprised and delighted with the words that you say it on, it's hard to imagine.

Even at home you can beat all very original and unusual.How to make an offer in that case?Here come to the aid glowing stickers.They must be attached to the ceiling above the bed, laid out at the same time the words that you want to say so.When she goes to bed, turn off the light, and she will see your message.This method, as you can see, is suitable only for those who live together.And how to be otherwise?You can order a puzzle.Let it be your joint photos and those most cherished words.Collect a picture with the best beloved.You just want to see her reaction?

How to make a marriage proposal?You can choose from proposed or come up with your own.Of course, there are a huge number of recommendations on this subject.This could be a proposal on the advertising banner, sign, laid out on the pavement using burning candles or cherished words that you speak on the radio.In any case, the main thing here - to put into it all his love, and then she really say, "Yes!ยป