The deepest metro station in St. Petersburg subway map, the history of construction

method of movement under the earth at great depths was originally designed in St. Petersburg, to be able to use these buildings as shelters in the event of war.As expected, this measure is justified at the time of the Great Patriotic War.

deepest metro station was in St. Petersburg, is not accidental.This role is not only to certain strategic calculations, but difficult geological conditions in which the excavation of tunnels and construction of the stations themselves.

there in the subway station, located very deep - "Admiralty".Nowhere in the world not to use such sophisticated technology, both in its construction.

deepest metro station in St. Petersburg opened in December 2011.

history of construction of St. Petersburg metro

history of construction of this facility is quite tragic.

BACKGROUND construction of subway in the capital of the Russian Empire, which at that time was St. Petersburg, were still in the late 19th century.At the time the projects were set up, but Nicholas II in 1903, they were rejected.

Those projects had a feature - they were mostly trestle.A construction of tunnels hampered due to lack of financial and technical resources in difficult geological conditions (groundwater level overvalued).

later in connection with the social upheavals of the construction of the metro in St. Petersburg has been forgotten for decades.I remembered about this in 1938, at a time when it was the Soviet Union had got stronger force for the implementation of this plan seriously.

In 1941, the spring metrostroevtsy already been built 34 shafts.But then it began the war was an obstacle, not given to continue the construction.As a result, all built trunks and tunnels were under water (flooded by groundwater).Restoring all this began only in 1946.Much time has passed since then before appeared in St. Petersburg metro is the deepest station.

first station

very first long-awaited turn of the famous Leningrad subway was put into operation after a long construction in November 1955.It is at that time consisted of only seven stations:

  • «Narva»;
  • «Revolt Area";
  • «Kirovsky Zavod";
  • «Avtovo";
  • «Institute of Technology";
  • «Baltic";
  • «Vladimir."

Metro St. Petersburg: metro scheme characteristic

as Russian Railways, Petersburg Metro has the same track width - 1520mm.The Metro has 6 hubs linking the two stations, and one unit that combines the three stations.A total of 856 subway turnstiles, escalators - 251 and 72 of the lobby.

composition includes a 1534 car.At night all the metro lines passing trains 3106.Train speed - 50 km / h.Maximum - 90 km / h.The interval between trains - 2 minutes, and during periods of peak - 1 minute.

today among the largest in the world and includes the famous Saint Petersburg metro (subway map is shown below).

curious about Petersburg metro

Petersburg - one of the deepest in the world.Most of its plants located at a depth of 30 m.

Metropolitan until 1982 held the first position as the most northerly in the world.Who is the most northern Subway - in Helsinki.

deepest metro station in St. Petersburg and in Russia - "Admiralty".And the world's deepest - "Arsenal" (Kiev) .Samaya loaded in the Russian station - "Prospect Veterans".

Kirovsko-Vyborg line (or "red") - have compositions with 8 cars.The remaining lines of the compositions of 6 cars.

busiest subway level slightly inferior to Moscow and Tokyo and occupies 12th place.

deepest metro station in St. Petersburg: the location, description

station decorated with beautiful mosaics.His theme is the formation of the Russian fleet during the reign of Peter I.

lobby station "Admiralty" is located in the building, located at the intersection of Brick Lane and Malaya Morskaya Street in the city center.

And the depth of the what?The deepest metro station in St. Petersburg is located at a depth of 102 meters.Passenger station is more than 30 thousand people on the input and the output.

total of 60 stations 67 are deep in St. Petersburg (22-86 m).

However, the CIS has two stations located deeper than the "Admiralty": the station "Arsenal" and "Cave" subway in Kiev.