The lamp transceiver own hands

lamp transceiver - a device that is designed to transmit signals of a certain frequency.Typically, it is used as a receiver.The main element of the transceiver is considered to be a transformer that is connected to the inductor.Feature tube modification is stable low-frequency signal transmission.

In addition, they are distinguished by the presence of powerful capacitors and resistors.The controllers are installed in a wide variety of device.For the elimination of various disturbances in the applied mechanical filter.Today, many are interested in the installation of low-power transceivers 50 watts.

Transceivers, short-wave (SW)

HF transceiver To make your own hands, you must use low-power transformers.Additionally, care should be taken of the amplifiers.Typically, in this case, significantly increase signal throughput.To be able to deal with noise, the device is set zener.Transceivers are used most often in this type of telephone exchanges.Some make their own hands HF transceiver (tube) using an induction coil, which must withstand the maximum resistance of 9 Ohms.Checking the device is always on the first phase.In this case, the pins must be put in the highest position.

antenna and transceiver unit for HF

antenna for the radio with his own hands made with different conductors.Additionally, a pair of diodes required.The capacity of the antenna is tested for low-power transmitters.Once your device requires an element such as a reed switch.It is necessary to transmit a signal to an external inductor winding.

To make the power supply of the transceiver with your hands, you need a high-frequency generator, which runs on a pair of the mixer.In addition, the specialists used the capacitors of different capacity.Maximum voltage device must withstand at 50 V. Maximum frequency in this case is less than 60 Hz.For problems with electromagnetic interference using special circuits.The device they are designed for voltage doubling.

devices VHF (VHF)

Make a VHF transceiver with your hands is quite difficult.In this case the problem is to find the desired coil.It is obliged to work on ferrite rings.Capacitors are best used with different capacity.To change the phase applies only controllers.Using a multi-channel transceivers for modification is not advisable.Chokes are already required a high frequency, and to increase the accuracy of the device used zener.They are installed in the transceiver only transformer.To transistors are not burned out, some experts advise solder mechanical filter.

Models transceiver long wave (LW)

Make long-tube transceivers with their hands only with the participation of high-power transformers.The controller in this case must be designed for the six channels.Changing the phase of the receiver through a modulator that operates at a frequency of 50 Hz.To minimize interference on the line, using a variety of filters.To increase the conductivity signal some is obtained through the use of amplifiers.However, in such situations care should be taken of a capacitance capacitors.Transistors in the system, it is important to establish for the transformer.All this will improve the accuracy of the device.

features of the device medium wave (MW)

Make medium-wave tube transceivers with their hands on their own is difficult.These devices operate on LEDs.Light bulbs are already installed in pairs.The cathodes in this case it is important to attach directly via capacitors.Solve the problem of increasing polarity can be achieved by applying an additional pair of resistors at the output.

used to complete the circuit of the relay.The antenna is always attached to the chip through the cathode, and the power of the device is determined by the voltage transformer.Meet the most transceivers of this type may be on airplanes.It is controlled via the panel or remotely.

antenna and transceiver unit for SW

Make an antenna for the radio of this type can be using a conventional coil.External winding it must be connected to the amplifier output.The conductors in this case must be soldered to the diode.Buy it at the store in the cellar.

To make a transceiver unit for this type of switch is used, as well as a generator of 50 V. The transistors used in the field only.The choke system is required to connect to the circuit.Feed-through capacitors in blocks of this type are used very rarely.

Modification Transceiver VHF-1

Make the transceiver with his hands on the lamp can be using the transformer 60 V. LEDs in the circuit are utilized for the purpose of recognition phase.Modulators are installed in a wide variety of device.High voltage transceiver is maintained by a power amplifier.Ultimately resistance transceiver obliged perceived to 80 ohms.

to the device successfully passed calibration, it is important to accurately adjust the position of the transistors.As a general rule, the closing elements are placed in the top position.In this case, the heat loss will be minimal.In the last wound coil.Diodes on the keys in the system checked before switching required.If their connection is bad, the operating temperature may rise sharply from 40 to 80 degrees.

How do Transceiver VHF-2?

Transceiver To properly folded his hands, you must take a transformer of 60 V. Limit loads it must withstand at 5 A. To improve the sensitivity of the device is used only high-quality resistors.The capacity of a capacitor is required to be equal to at least 5 pF.Calibrating device ultimately through the first phase.This locking mechanism is first exposed to the upper position.

supply unit must be watching the display system.If the maximum frequency is greater than 60 Hz, it means a reduction of the nominal voltage.Conductivity signal in this case can be increased by electromagnetic amplifier.It is installed, usually near the transformer.

Model HF slow-scan

HF transceiver Fold your hands do not pose any difficulty.The first step is to choose the desired transformer.Generally used imported modifications that are able to withstand the maximum load up to 4 A. In this case, the capacitors are selected based on the sensitivity of the indicator device.Field effect transistors in radios are quite common.However, they are not without drawbacks.They are mainly associated with a large error in the output.

This happens because of higher operating temperature on the outside of the coil.To solve this problem, the transistors can be used with labeled LM4.The index of conductivity they were good.Modulators for transceivers of this type are only suitable for two frequencies.Connection light comes as standard across the inductor.To achieve fast phase shift amplifiers in the system are only required at the beginning of the chain.To improve the performance of the receiver, antenna connected through the cathode.

multichannel transceiver modification

Make a multi-channel transceiver with their hands only with the participation of high-voltage transformer.Limit loads it must withstand up to 9 A. In this case, the capacitors are used only with a capacity of more than 8 pF.To increase the sensitivity of the device to 80 kV is practically impossible, it should be taken into account.Modulators are already used on five channels.To change the phase ICs are used class outage.

SDR direct conversion transceiver

To add SDR transceiver with his hands, it is important to use a capacitor with a capacity of more than 6 pF.This is largely due to the high sensitivity of the device.In addition, these capacitors will help the negative polarity in the system.

For good conductivity required signal transformers at least 40 V. In this case, the load they have to withstand about 6 V. ICs are usually designed for four phases.Check transceiver begins immediately with a limiting frequency of 4 Hz.To cope with electromagnetic interference, resistors are used in the device type field.Bilateral filters in transceivers are rare.The maximum voltage at the second phase of the transmitter is required to maintain at 30 W.

To improve the sensitivity of the device used variables amplifiers.They work in the transceiver for a couple of resistors.To overcome the low-frequency oscillations are utilized stabilizers.In the anode circuit lamps are installed in series via a throttle.Ultimately, the device is checked locking mechanism and indication system.This is done for each phase separately.

transceiver models with lamps L2

going simple transceiver with your hands using a transformer at 65 V. Models with these lamps differ in that are able to work for many years.Operating temperature at which on average is around 40 degrees.In addition, it should be noted that the single-phase connected chips, they can not.The modulator in this case it is mounted on three channels.With this measure of dispersion would be minimal.

Additionally, you can get rid of the problems with negative polarity.Capacitors are used for such a wide variety of transceivers.However, in this situation, much depends on the maximum power supply unit.If the operating current of the first phase is more than 3 A, the minimum volume of the capacitor must be 9 pF.As a result, you can count on the stable operation of the transmitter.

Transceivers resistors MC2

order to properly fold the transceiver own hands with such resistors, it is important to choose a good stabilizer.It is installed in the unit next to the transformer.Resistors of this type can withstand a maximum load of about 6 A.

Compared with other transceivers is quite a lot.However, the payback for this is the increased sensitivity of the device.As a result, the model is able to break down with a sharp increase in the voltage across the transformer.To minimize heat losses in the entire system is operated device filters.They must be located in front of the transformer to the resistance ultimately does not exceed 6 ohms.In this case, the dispersion index will be negligible.

single-sideband modulation device

going transceiver with your hands (diagram shown below) from the transformer 45 V. Models of this type often can be found at the telephone exchange.Single-sideband modulators in their structure are quite simple.Switching phase in this case is carried out directly through the change of the position of the resistor.

limit resistance while dramatically not reduced.As a result, the sensitivity is always normal.Transformers for such modulators fit with the capacity of not more than 50 V. Use capacitors in the field is not recommended by experts.Much better from the point of view of experts, use conventional counterparts.Calibration of the transceiver is only in the last phase.

Model transceivers on the amplifier PP20

Make transceiver with his hands on the amplifier of this type may be using field-effect transistors.The signals in this case, the transmitter will transmit only short-wave.Antenna in these transceivers are always connected via the throttle.Limiting the voltage transformers are required to maintain at 55 V. For a good stabilization of the current applied low frequency inductor.To work with modulators they fit perfectly.

chip transceiver is best to pick up on three phases.With the above-mentioned amplifier it operates well.Problems with the sensitivity of the device occur rarely.The disadvantage of these transceivers can be considered a low coefficient of dispersion.

transceivers with antennas asymmetrical power

transceivers of this type today are rare.This is due largely to the low frequency output signal.As a result of the negative resistance they sometimes reaches 6 Ohm.In his turn, limiting the load on the resistor is in the region of 4 A.

To solve the problem of negative polarity, special switches.Thus, the change of phase occurs very rapidly.Configure these devices, you can even remote control.The above antenna switch is set marked K9.In addition, the transceiver must be well thought out system inductance.

In some cases, the device is available with a display.High-frequency circuits in the transceivers are also not uncommon.The problems with oscillations in the circuit are achieved by a stabilizer.It is installed in the device is always on the transformer.They find each other at the same time obliged to a safe distance.The operating temperature of the device should be around 45 degrees.

otherwise inevitable overheating capacitors.Ultimately this will lead to an imminent spoilage.That said, the case for the transceiver must be well ventilated air.The lamps are mounted to the chip through a standard choke.In turn, relays the modulator must be connected to an external coil.