What not to do with the hair: 8 major mistakes

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Have you ever feel uncomfortable, connected with hair styling or a haircut?We asked Damian Santiago, magnificent stylist, to point out the common mistakes people when creating style.Below is a list of the most common mistakes when modeling hair.

1. Unreasonable self haircut

you think that one strand shorter than the other, or vice versa.You cut off the unnecessary, in your opinion, curl and thus further spoil the situation.In this case, you should apply a special tool for installation that will correct all the inaccuracies and awkwardness.Once spoil haircut, you threaten not get the result, we dreamed.

2. Improper use of hair products

According to Damian, there is now a huge range of tools for straightening hair, give them volume and shine, silkiness and shine.People are starting to buy a large number of different products, and abuse them.The only way out in this situation - to get professional advice and use it is a tool that is right for you.

3. Using a large number of styling

Some people do not count the number of used cosmetic products.It is important to remember that even shampoos can give a negative result if overused and used in large quantities.

4. Separation

you see only the front hair, so give them increased influence, but do not forget that people see the hair in general.Therefore, we must ensure that the image has been completed, and the finished hairstyle.

5. Wrong choice impractical style

Many women make the popular hairstyle, forgetting that after the hair salon will require permanent installation.It is necessary to take into account the structure of the hair, the length and condition, to calculate what type of hairstyle best suited.Also do not forget about the time you'll spend on hair styling, so when choosing a hairstyle thought of everything carefully.

6. mood when visiting the salon

It is important that you trust your barber and told him that you really want.It would be nice to bring a picture or a sketch, but a verbal description is also nice.If you do not find a common language with the stylist or you do not like his work, it is necessary to change the salon or specialist.

7. Wrong choice of color

Of course, the whole palette of colors, available now, is beautiful.However, you need to consider how this shade will be in harmony with the color of the skin and eyes.To select the color you need based on your individual qualities and external signs.It is better to show the color that you want to get an example.

8. Match the color of eyebrow hair color

When painting it is important to also take into account the color of your eyebrows.If your image of a harmonious combination is irresistible.Take on a note that eyebrows should be half a tone lighter than your hair.

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