Secrets Excellence: Home in interior painting

rich saturated color of hair with a healthy shine - this is not about whether the results we dream of acquiring a new hair color?But why even the best professional means bad work at home?Maybe it's all about technology?

Masters stylists and barbers years learning to properly apply the paint.Therefore, their movement in the cabin resemble sophisticated game on a classical instrument.So okay working hands and what a delightful result.While many women who prefer to paint in the home, have a little practice, which is almost always limited to painting your hair.Where is to gain experience and learn the secrets of mastery?How to achieve the effect of the salon in his native walls?

Step 1: Buy quality paint

beauty industry offers a huge selection of hair dyes.There are low cost options for 50 rubles per box, and there is paint, the price is comparable with stylish hair accessories.However, the latter is quite natural.Good accessory last a long time, and high-quality ink ensures lasting color and health of your tresses.So to save on ink is not clear, even if you have to update your color often obscene.

As a part of the professional paint?As a rule, they are based on oil and other nutrients, without which the hair is in a modern environment and intensive home care with the use of hot appliances suffer.Therefore, the budgetary paint, seemingly giving good results of staining in the future is very controversial.After all, the health of your hair back is very difficult. Step 2: Apply the product correctly

main rule coloring - paint should be applied from root to tip, prokrashivaya each strand gently and evenly.In order not to stain the skin on the forehead or neck preliminary grease with its bold nutritious cream.Oily texture of a cosmetic product not miss the active operating units of paint to the skin and turns only the cream.

second important rule - to apply paint from the back, moving successively to the bottom of the head.Why so?- Because the skin on the back of the head as compared with other portions of the head has a lower temperature, and as a consequence, hair dyed slower.And we also want a nice smooth tone, right?

third undeniable truth - use special brushes for painting.Traditional methods of our grandmothers - to use an old toothbrush works very badly.Bristles of the toothbrush is not required as in paints over the roots, leaving gaps.

Step 3: Consider the cumulative effect

paint manufacturers do not warn their fans that their cosmetic products may accumulate in the hair.But this is not hearsay knows professionals.To home painting is not to turn your hair into a tow inexpressive tone, ask your hairdresser what paint is right for you to refresh the current tone and coloring regrown tip.

Step 4: Think about the consequences

If you prefer to use natural beauty products, be consistent in their intentions.Devotees of henna in the transition to persistent dyes at risk of unpredictable results.So, you can dream of a luxurious golden tinge, but in fact get pale marsh color.Correct then the consequences, both moral and physical, will be very difficult.So our advice is - after persistent use of henna dye and only after otraschivaniya sostriganiya previously colored hair.

Step 5: Master the subtleties of care

beautiful smooth tone - is not only the result of competent staining, but also the subsequent proper care.For two weeks after the update procedure (change) the color is not recommended to use masks and oils for the hair.Since modern latest technology, which penetrates into the hair structure and strengthen it, may even wash resistant professional paint.So put them to use later.

But without what not to do immediately after the staining procedure is without shampoo and conditioner for colored hair a cosmetic line.This nuance is very important as shampoo and conditioner must work as a duo, complementing each other.

Step 6: Lay hair carefully

good styling adds a woman irresistible, so every morning we start with this procedure.Hot equipment serving our beauty - hair dryer and iron is harmful curls.They can be used only after prior application of special thermoprotective funds.Well established sprays, they are easy to apply, uniformly distributed over the entire length of the hair.

Completing laying should be sprinkled with hairspray.For this purpose it is necessary to buy paint with regenerative properties.He saves her hair and dyed and damaged hair heal.

Be beautiful!Health and shine to your tresses!

Author: Natalia Bartukova

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