Which is better to buy a refrigerator?

It happens like this: sit in a room around the silence ... Only slightly hear the cars go outside.Suddenly, a sharp click - and started growling drawl.No, it's not the neighbors are doing repairs, but only just started working refrigerator after a short respite.Such a start sign holders of Soviet units who work more than a dozen years.But even if the unit is defective, it is often the appearance of speaking or even begs resignation to "retire".

Sooner or later, all the same it is time to replace it as the correct device.But throw away "the old man" will not be difficulties, but to choose a new - this is the whole thing.In today's range of refrigerators unprepared buyer will be quite difficult to determine.All manufacturers rush to teach their offspring as the best.In this case, you need to possess certain information and know what is best to buy a refrigerator.


Advances in technology industries inevitably introduced in all spheres of human existence.Not passed it, and devices for food storage.Now refrigerators has many features that even you would think that it deposited food - this is only an additional possibility.Therefore, we must clearly decide for themselves what should be in the first place in the refrigerator.After all, most of these "bells and whistles" will be glad to use for a long time.And they will have to pay for anyway.

Divide and conquer

necessary to divide the properties of the "home helper" in the required and optional.So much easier to decide which model is better to buy a refrigerator, when you come to the supermarket electronics, where the eyes flee from the proposals.You can even record yourself on the leaf points to remember.An experienced dealer will help you choose the best option.But if you do not want the right to choose an outsider, you have to fish out the characteristics to separate and make a decision.

kinds of designs refrigerators

First of all, to understand what is best to buy a refrigerator, you need to decide with his views.Manufacturers offer customers several options for assembly of refrigerators.

  • single chamber , where there is no separation of freezing.It is a cabinet with a door opening.Inside it is fitted shelves for products, and they appear in the doorway.
  • Double chamber .In it is the usual unit for low temperature and freezer.The second can be located inside the main part, or it may lead to a separate door.
  • so-called «Side-by-Side» (side-by-side) contains all of the camera, as in previous versions, but it opens like a wardrobe.Thus one takes the left door and the other to the right.
  • variant with a few doors , in which each cell is set individual temperature.
  • Recessed model. They are designed to be installed directly into the kitchen furniture.They have large dimensions and sold in most cases for the order.

In addition there is the name of the species of wine refrigerators, humidors, as well as cheese and sausages.But this is a very specific patterns that are quite expensive.

-in refrigerators

The easiest and most affordable option - it is a refrigerator with a single camera.It is extremely simple to operate.Use it for a long time to keep food fresh, but do not freeze them.It is suitable especially for those who do not stock the products for a long time.Since the function is not frozen, it will not work in the store prepared food, meat and other products, which require low temperatures.If you do not know which company is best refrigerator to buy, you can choose any single-chamber from the manufacturer Samsung and LG.These brands, reviews, make excellent single-chamber devices.

It is roomy and does not consume a lot of electricity.When his work there is no frost on the details, as the temperature does not fall below zero.In addition, it emits almost no noise.Due to a small load on the compressor, it is one of the most durable types of refrigerators that are made.The warranty on this unit will be the longest.For example, if you have decided on a brand and a camera you enough, but you do not know what kind of refrigerator "Atlas" best buy, choose a single chamber.The manufacturer gives a warranty on it for 10 years.


device with two cameras is familiar to all from childhood.It is the most popular type of refrigerators.If you ask the seller store: "Advise what better to buy a refrigerator," in most cases, it will show the first two-chamber version of it.It combines the main compartment with low temperature and freezer.This combination is very useful, as it allows to freeze certain products that require this.Generally, the freezer temperature is below zero and can fall to -26 degrees.

Its compact size allows placement on any kitchen.There are several options for the combination camera.

  • Freezer inside the main chamber.
  • freezer with a separate door from the top and bottom of the primary.
  • previous version, only the freezer bottom.

All kinds of useful in its own way.To understand what is best to buy a refrigerator, it is necessary to rely on their own preferences.But if there is no solution in principle, it is better to choose the option in which the bottom of the freezer.This design reduces the load on the compressor, which do not need high pump refrigerant.

Refrigerator "side-by-side»

This option is one of the expensive refrigerators.It can accommodate a large number of products which can be sorted according to various offices.As it is, in addition to the main compartment and the freezer, deep freeze chamber.You can use it to freeze fruits and vegetables for a very long-term storage.If the financial aspect is not too worried, and you need to decide what is best to buy a refrigerator, feedback will help in this matter.In most cases, users have noted this option as the most convenient and functional.

In this form a separate chamber to regulate the temperature.It can be used for special products, which requires a separate temperature.

This type has a large size, which, on one hand, can be an advantage, but on the other - a disadvantage.It all depends on the size of the kitchen.

Such options are often equipped with an external device for the supply of cold drinks and ice.This feature will be appreciated by the inhabitants of warm countries, or simply those who will use it in the summer.

version with separate doors

feature of this type of refrigerators - in individual cells, which are placed in the body.This option is perfect for those who live a few people with different food preferences.These cameras can distinguish between products.

It is something like a "side-by-side," but it's just more doors.Capacity of it too a bit more.If the question is better to buy a refrigerator where several families live, it is worth paying attention to this option.Its camera can be divided among all.


option, built in kitchen furniture, is popular with those users who appreciate the completeness in the design.This form allows you to completely hide from the eyes of the very presence of the refrigerator.The design of the unit allows you to wrap it completely in the closet.Decorative panels closed its front and create the effect of integrity with other furniture.

This refrigerator no outer walls, which are used in stand-alone models.They are not necessary, since it is not visible during operation.In addition to the external design of this type of refrigerator has no other features.Therefore, the main influence on a built-in refrigerator is better to buy, will provide kitchen furniture.

cooling technology in modern models

order for a rapid reduction in the temperature of products, dedicated fan pumps the cooled air in the chamber.You can also choose ultrafast cooling mode.Thus the walls of the refrigerator shelves and condensation does not occur.This is achieved through special filters that remove moisture from the air.She runs to the compressor compartment and evaporates out.

This property is called Frost Free.If this technology works in the refrigerator, it is indicated on the special label.If a number is written, No Frost, then this property works in the freezer.Due to this, when the refrigerator goes into defrost mode, it practically does not release moisture, since it has already been removed in the pre-operational mode.If there is a question, a refrigerator is better to buy a company with this function, it should be borne in mind that almost all of it works on the same principle, and there is no particular difference.

in expensive models also feature multi-stream cooling.At the same time from several points served cold air and quickly processing products.

technology for ease of use

Depending on the price of refrigerators can be equipped with additional features.For example, they can be equipped with electronic control, which controls all the processes in the machine.Widely used such innovations company "Samsung".It is one of the first to introduce this technology into production.So if you want to decide which refrigerator "Samsung" best buy, you can safely choose to e-governance.

With this system can be programmed cost or average mode.For those who goes on vacation, there is a special option that translated the work of the refrigerator to sleep.

In addition, there is an automatic sound signal in order not to forget to close the door.For fans there is a place to leave messages on the screen to conduct a mini-chat with family.This is an alternative magnet with a note.There is also a model that can be painted conventional marker.

Useful properties

to pre-check the quality of the fridge and choose the best option, you need to pay attention to some details.First of all give preference to those models that support the power saving mode "A +".Though he is somewhat increases the cost of the device, but in operation for a few years save a lot of electricity.

If there is a sticker on the refrigerator «Ag +», this means that the inside thereof is treated with silver which prevents microbes.During this coating will have to overpay.But its effectiveness is rather controversial.In addition, it is, according to experts, about a year of operation virtually stops working.

What to look for when choosing

Approaching the chosen model, take a look at it closely.Pay attention to the region, where it can be chipped paint.Also, if the glued label or tape, try to tear it.If the paint remains in place, then all is well.

Then we undertake a pen and try to move it from side to side.If you do not creak, then securely fastened.Open the door and carefully inspect the inner liner.Any irregularities should raise doubts as to quality.

look at the door seal.It should be soft but not sagging.At the corners should not be folds.Now look at the seal at the opening.From the efforts it should not lag behind the door.

It should ask the seller a question about where the compressor is made.If the country-manufacturer - China, then we go on, look for the "European".Even if the entire refrigerator is made Asians, for reliable operation of the compressor has to be European.It should be a decisive factor in the question of what is best to buy a refrigerator.

leaders manufacturing and reviews

most selling brand of refrigerators are Samsung, LG, Bosch, Beko and others.Leading brands of long-deserved prestige among experts and users.They are a combination of quality and good functionality.

If, for example, the question is how LG refrigerators is better to buy for the family, it is about quality not worry.It is only necessary to determine the type of assembly and advanced features.

Of course, you can select and models from other manufacturers.But in this case will have to very carefully check everything.

If you need an easy option, but do not know what is best to buy a refrigerator - expert reviews to help you.And experts also support this plan leading brands.This proves once again that quality is important not only in high-end models, but also simple.