Street workout - this ... street workout: exercise program

lot of people of different age groups living in modern cities, eager to embark on a healthy lifestyle.And physical activity is one of the key points that help achieve this goal.Among the various methods of formation of a healthy and beautiful body occupies a special place street workout.This is actually one of the most popular types of outdoor sport at the moment.

What is the street workout

Referring directly to the value of the term, it is worth noting that the street workout - this outdoor training.Its essence is to ensure that the work is only with its own weight through a variety of sports equipment (horizontal bars, parallel bars, and others.) Outdoors.

It is worth noting the fact that the street workout can not be called a full-fledged sport, rather, it is the direction of the street fitness.Although this fact does not prevent the holding of international tournaments.If we look at the dynamics of growth in popularity of street workout in different countries, we can safely assume that some time later, he will be officially recognized as one of the sports.

Benefits street training

street workout - this is a set of exercises, which virtually eliminates serious injuries common in people who work with weights.Moreover, these classes available to anyone who has access to the platform with the bar, benches, horizontal and vertical ladders and bars.

Sport street workout eliminate overloading of the heart and perform dangerous elements of strength training.In particular, it minimizes the risk of damage to the spine, in the gym with the wrong technique, for example, squats, are not uncommon.As another of the advantages of physical training areas as street workout, you can designate a beautiful physique Train uniform development of different muscle groups, beautiful terrain and worthwhile kardioeffekt.

History of

Initially street workout, exercises which meant classes in ordinary areas with exercise equipment, developed in America.Dating first significant manifestation of outdoor training in the United States may be the beginning of 1993.At this time in the West developed the direction of training, known as Calisthenics.The point of these exercises was to work exclusively with the weight of his own body.

Due to the fact that in the early 2000s, the Internet has become much more accessible, the exchange of information came to a new level.This, in turn, allowed the inhabitants of the CIS to learn about the experiences of American citizens, and to pick up the culture of progressive physical development.During this period, widely distributed videos that presented a class of African-American fans of outdoor training.Representatives of youth sports have demonstrated impressive muscles and perform complex exercises on the usual Russian public shells.Video call such a ghetto workout.Later, these videos are increasingly began to subscribe to both Street Workout (street workout Street).

As the popularity of the sport grew directions Street began to emerge sites that were devoted exclusively to the topic of training at sites in the open air.Further, these sets of exercises are widely used on the streets of the former Soviet Union and carried out in the best traditions of American movies.As a result, street workout has become almost more popular in the CIS countries than in the United States.The official transition Workout format independent direction occurred in 2008.It should be noted that the formation of street culture has influenced training and dzhimbarr.This Colombian sport, which uses the same principles as in the street workout.

Types outdoor workouts

Despite the fact that employment in the open air have one essence, some differences in different systems is still there.For example, Street street workout includes exercises on the parallel bars and horizontal bar.The exercises in this format, the power of street gymnastics is constantly updated, and the old ones are honed to perfection.

Regarding the ghetto street workout, here the focus is on improving the performance of power, which are expressed in increasing the number of repetitions.Is taken into account also the time during which to make any static exercises, for example, fixing the body in a very difficult position by the application of considerable effort.Usually, fans of this direction is not only used the bar and classical shells, and the pillars and various vertical and horizontal surfaces.

more varieties

There subnapravleniya outdoor activities that are different from the classic street workout workout that focused on a variety of racks, power outlets, walking and bouncing on hand, as well as many other non-standard exercises.

As another additional direction Workout can be determined above dzhimbarr (Gimbarr).This kind of yard Colombian gymnastics is regarded as a separate discipline.Fans of such training is necessary to focus more on agility and flexibility than on security performance.It is worth noting that many of the exercises dzhimbarra dangerous and often performed with the use of insurance.

Program.Street workout

Since culture outdoor training has long been actively practiced in the CIS countries, for the moment you can find many different sets of exercises that are designed for a specific target audience.If we talk about the classics of the genre, it makes sense to highlight a few key elements that make up the backbone of the yard gymnastics:

- "Horizon";

- "check";

- "spear";

- "output Prince";

- "swallow";

- "access officer";

- "gait of God";

- "output of an angel";

- "Power Out" (one and two hands).

There are static and dynamic exercises designed for people without special training.Their goal - to build explosive strength of muscles, increase stamina, strengthen tendons and ligaments, as well as raise the level of flexibility of the latter.All of the above elements being developed in parallel with the basic exercises such as hanging front, pulling up on a horizontal bar, parallel bars and push-ups from the floor.

Training for women

street workout - is a kind of street gymnastics, which themselves can find any person, regardless of starting performance and sex.Women also have bright chances to show their potential in this area of ​​physical development.And for this purpose it has also been drawn up special programs.

The primary objective of the fairer sex, who decided to try his hand in the street street workout, is to strengthen the muscles and prepare them for severe stress.Work should be a day, following a specific plan:

  1. first day.Performed push-ups, bridge ups, squats and lifting your knees.
  2. second day.Attention is paid to lunge, lift your knees and squat.
  3. third day.It is necessary to develop a bridge, jogging and lifting your knees to your chest.

important to find a community of people who are no longer engaged in the first year of training street.They will help develop a program tailored to the individual characteristics of a specific person.

complex for beginners

Given that street workout training program is for all the categories involved, newcomers have also paid a lot of attention.Thus, the basis of a successful start in the Street Workout - is a horizontal bar.The first task is to catch the maximum number of times.After this must rest for 3 minutes.Then there is a repeat of this exercise, and ending holiday.

next stage - boards.In this shell, too, need to perform the maximum number of repetitions, and then pay attention to the horizontal bar.Street workout involves the development of endurance, so the original is set up to work from the heart.Performing exercises on the bar, you can afford to rest 5 minutes, then it is necessary to focus on the press.

next cycle has a fairly simple structure: pulling up on the bar, push-ups, pull-back, again dips and two approaches to the horizontal bar with a pause for rest.Over time, the number of repetitions is increased, but without fanaticism.For example, one additional repeat within a day or two is more than good result.It is important not to forget to warm up the quality muscles and ligaments before diving into the workout.This will help prevent sprains and injuries.

standard training

For those who have already become familiar with the base load, it makes sense to move to a more complex program.All the exercises, which will be shown below, in one day must be carried out without a pause (rest remained in the initial period).Total cycles should be 3-4, in between a brief break for a few minutes already permissible.

So, the first day of the classic street workout workout includes the following exercises:

  • perform pull the front grip;
  • dips in the package moves forward;
  • pushups on palms (hands should be shoulder-width apart);
  • lifting legs in the vise.

elements of the second day a bit different:

  • pull using a wide grip;
  • dips, but with a straight body;
  • pushups with your hands wide apart;
  • lifting legs in the vise.

third day:

  • pulling up with a narrow grip;
  • pushups with your hands wider than shoulder width apart;
  • dips tilted forward;
  • lifting legs in the vise.

the fourth day of training is necessary to perform the following set:

  • reverse grip pull-ups;
  • push-ups, in which the hands are shoulder width apart;
  • dips Direct body;
  • lifting legs in the vise.

Given that street workout training program is completely different, this complex can be taken as a basis, gradually enriching it with new exercises.

Where to train

In order to easily carry out all elements of street gymnastics power, it is desirable to use the full street workout-site.Work will be easy, if applicable will be the following sports equipment: horizontal bars, parallel bars, horizontal bars (curved, circular, curvilinear), shop for newspapers, wall bars and the beam of varying heights.This set will be sufficient to itself could allow high-quality street workout girls and boys.

Do not forget about the food, which has a direct influence on the shape of the body.First of all, it is important to define the purpose: if you want to gain muscle mass, you need to pay attention to meat and other heavy products.But for quick results in the development of street workout exercise is better to go to a light meal.At the same time during the workout about the food recommended to forget.


If assess the impact of outdoor training on health and figure the average man in the street, you can make the obvious conclusion: it is one of the best options for physical activities for young working people and middle-aged people.This type of exercise virtually eliminates the risk of injury, including the spine, while developing a muscular corset.It should be noted that the cardiovascular system provides street workout also most beneficial effect.But quality bloodstream - this is one of the foundations of a healthy body.Thus, power street gymnastics clearly has the right to recognition in today's society.