Expressing breast milk by hand - useful tips

Breastfeeding - it is responsible, and sometimes difficult, however, for a child there is nothing more useful than mother's milk.

Expressing milk is an important part of the process of feeding, as the impact on the quantity of milk produced and helps the young mother to organize your life.However, not all mothers are special breast pump - how and why you can express milk manually?

Why should I express milk?

The fact is that in order to begin to build a new milk, it is necessary to completely empty the breast.If the breast is not emptied completely each time, the milk will be produced in smaller quantities, and then cease to be produced entirely in what is sometimes to blame women themselves.

Sometimes a little milk in the mother, and she wants to help his training.Sometimes a weak child unable to completely empty the breast.

In some cases, a common disease mother, breast disease or a lack of nipple (drawn or flat), may temporarily vospripyatstvovat mothers to breastfeed.

Finally, the mother sometimes has to go away for a time from home and miss one feeding.In these cases it is necessary to lactating women to pump milk from the breast itself, if it does not want the child's nutrition was damaged.

How to express milk by hand?

First of all, you need a good wash hands and shave short nails.After that you need to wash and dry nipples.Cook boiled bottle to feed the child, which is inserted into a glass funnel, and boiled.The funnel express milk.

temnopigmentirovannoe In the area around the nipple put against each other thumb and forefinger.Firmly push down toward the chest.Without relaxing the pressure, carefully zoom in fingers together.By the nipple is not touch!Then pull your fingers forward to express milk into the funnel.

Repeat this movement for 10 minutes.Emptying the breast by hand is a great impetus for the formation of milk.Do not get lost, if at first you will have enough milk!Regularity and perseverance will win.If you are after emptying the breasts will bruised, it means you are doing something wrong.Learn proper decanting.

expressed milk and pour into the cooked boiled baby bottle, zakuporte it boiled rubber stopper and place in the refrigerator.

Well, if the milk is not necessary to boil as this, it loses some of its value.Do not boil when applying baby milk directly after expression, or if it was in the refrigerator.In other cases, it is necessary to immediately boil!

later expressed milk can be used, heated to the temperature of the human body, for feeding the child during the absence of the mother, or for supplemental foods spoon after the child refuses to breastfeed.

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