Scientists have noticed that ...

Parody ...

Scientists noticed that the axioms theorems much more convenient, since need to prove theorems and axioms - not.

Scientists noticed that if every day to wake up five minutes later, then after 288 days, the person wakes up again at the same time!

Scientists have found that before the Big Bang still was the word - namely, the word "Look out!ยป

Palestinian scientists also believe that the cause of the universe was the Big Bang, but to take responsibility for the explosion of refuse.

African scientists noticed that the hyenas are not only are scavengers, but name-calling it.And who call names, the so called himself, convinced scientists.

Scientists have noticed that in loan agreements, at the bottom of the page have items printed in very small print.Late notice.

Scientists noticed the approach of the global financial crisis, but failed to warn anyone because of lack of money for the phone.Russian scientists have noticed that the tea bag is almost as inexhaustible as the pack.And with a

scientific approach, in a crisis, it may be enough for the entire SRI ten years.

scientists, oceanographers have noticed that pan, dropped to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, under the pressure of wild turns into a frying pan.

addition, oceanographers, scientists noticed that the blue whale did not drink vodka, despite the characteristic name and hefty liver.

And yet scholars oceanographers are increasingly notice that they like someone replaced - on the seas and do not dream, the Internet has replaced them travel.

scientists sexologists after forty years of research, noted that the problem of potency, although it does exist, but it is not as acute for humanity.

dogs Scientists noticed that if timely and properly drool, then eventually you can get and the Nobel Prize, and free to fly into space.

Scientists noticed that if buried with military honors each laboratory mouse, they sopyutsya.

Academician P., due to a fallen apple head, rediscovered the law of gravity.

Peruvian scientists discovered that the "Lay" was written.

Two scientists noticed each other that if humanity will continue to multiply at the same rate, they somehow, scientists, too, why not go and porazmnozhatsya ?!

Scientists noticed that they smell female spirits, but failed to explain the reasons for this phenomenon to their wives.So far put forward several alternative hypotheses.

female scientists noticed that male scientists after sex turn away and fall asleep in the same way as men-turners and male trainers.

ortopeditariantsy scientists found that fruit pits can also be treated.

Scientists noticed that the clock is reflected in the mirror, go back!This sheds a whole new light on the structure of time, mirrors, clocks, scientists and backside.

Scientists noticed that once not so live, that something important they have missed in their lives, despite the fact that achieved a lot ...

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