What is the culture of speech?

Can you imagine a man claiming to be a well-educated, but who can not tie the two phrases, and if binding, it is highly illiterate?The concept of "educated" - almost synonymous with the word "cultural".Hence, we have such an individual should be appropriate.

What is the culture of speech?

This concept, like many in the Russian language is not clear.Some researchers tend to allocate three values ​​the phrase "culture of speech."The definition can be expressed as the first.The first is the notion perceived as the skills and knowledge of people who provide him competent use of language in communication - and in writing and in speech.This includes the ability to properly build the phrase correctly pronounce certain words and phrases, as well as use the means of expression of speech.

definition of "culture of speech» implies the presence in it of such properties and characteristics, the totality of which underlines the excellence of transmission and perception of information, ie,communication skills in language communication.

Finally, the title of a branch of linguistics that studies language in public life any era and establishes common rules for the use of language.

What is included in the culture of speech?

central core of this concept is a linguistic norm, which is considered the literary language.However, there is one quality that should have a culture of speech.Determination « communicative expediency principle" can be interpreted as the ability, the ability to express adequate linguistic form for some specific content.

This concept is closely linked to the ethical aspect of speech.It is clear that under such rules apply to him the language of communication, which can not insult or humiliate the interlocutor.This aspect calls for the observance of speech etiquette, which includes certain formula greetings, congratulations, thanks, requests, etc.As for the language, the concept of culture here assumes its richness and accuracy, imagery and effectiveness.By the way, this aspect of prohibiting the use of swear words, swearing.

Provenance in Russia the concept of "culture of speech»

basis of the norms of the literary language were laid over many centuries.The definition of "culture of speech» can be extended to the concept of science that deals with normalization of speech activity.So, this is the science of "hatch" in the ancient manuscripts of Kievan Rus.They not only consolidate and preserve the traditions of writing, but reflected and features a living language.

the XVIII century in Russian society, it became clear that if there is no unity in the writing, it is extremely difficult to communicate, creating some discomfort.At the time, it intensified work on the creation of dictionaries, grammars, textbooks rhetoric.Then we begin to describe styles and norms of the literary language.

is undoubted role in the development of speech as a science MVUniversity, VKTrediakovsky, APSumarokova and other prominent Russian scientists.

theoretical position

By linguistic disciplines are style and culture of speech as defined by many investigators primarily confined to the concept of "right speech".This is not entirely true.

As already mentioned, the concept of speech has three main aspects: the normative, communicative and ethical.The basis of modern views on the external branch of linguistics is not so much a question of the formal correctness of speech.The ability to effectively and efficiently use the features of the language is no less important.These include the correct pronunciation, good sentence structure, pertinent use of set phrases.

academic definition of speech also suggests the existence of functional styles of the modern language, of which there are a few: for example, scientific and colloquial, official business and journalistic.

role of speech

There is an expression, the meaning of which is to ensure that the person who owns the word, is able to possess people.Since ancient times, a huge role in the management of the company played oratory of speech.Determination skilled in eloquence rhetorician Cicero gave himself the carrier of this "divine gift".He emphasized that he is capable of as a good cause, and calm passions;to accuse someone, and justify the innocent;how to raise hesitant to exploit, and to reassure all human passions, if circumstances so require.

master the art of communication, ie,culture of speech, it is important to everyone.And it does not depend on the nature of its activities.You just have to remember that from the level of the quality of communication leads to success in various spheres of life.