The strangest street names in the US

Recently, an American website published the rating of the strangest names of streets in American cities.Voting took place online with the support of the action undertaken by the company Mitsubishi Motors.Of the dozens of proposed names of actual streets, visitors were asked to choose the most bizarre.As a result of the vote was more than 2,500 voters made the top 10 most-most ...

So, in tenth place is located road "potato peels" (Tater Peeler) in Lebanon, Tenn.Probably, it is located on a lot of catering establishments.

Behind her - intersection of Count and Basie in Richmond, Virginia.(Alas, and could not really understand what is strange) ...

in eighth place ranking - street "Shadow of Death" (Shades of Death) in Warren County, New Jersey.No comment, because it scared ...

seventh place at the street called "Unexpected Road" (Unexpected Road) in Buena, New Jersey.Just a wonderful name!

Sixth place was taken street "Bucket of Blood" (Bucket of Blood) in Holbrook, Ariz.For a long time ago, probably here there was a steep disassembly.

on the fifth line - crossroads "Clinton and fidelity" (intersection of Clinton and Fidelity) in Houston, Texas.Postebatsya citizens of amateur "oval" sex.

on fourth position - crossroads "of loneliness and lack of money" (intersection of Lonesome and Hardup) in Albany, Ga.As for me, this street should be in every village.

Honorable third place was given to road "Away-from-feces" (Farfrompoopen Road) in Tennessee, the only route leading to the "Bridge Constipation" in the neighboring state of Arkansas.It seems that the inhabitants of those edges are not seriously concerned about the gastrointestinal problems.

second place in the difficult struggle won street "Court divorce" (Divorce Court) in Heather Highlands, Pennsylvania.Actually, in my opinion, is nothing strange in this title no.

The winner became street "Crazy Way" (Psycho Path road) in Traverse City, Michigan.

remains to add that for quite inexplicably in the top most- countries do not put such great names of the streets as "morning erection", "trail prostitute", "Street abstinence", which, by the way, is crossed with a "concern about the street."

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