How to strengthen the muscles of the back, arms and chest at home

The harmonious person physically all the muscle groups should be developed in proportion.But today we'll talk about those muscles that are usually just "catch the eye" - is the muscles of the back, arms and chest.Usually about the sport of a man is judged according to these parts of the body, as they are the least covered by clothing.

dorsi shall be both flexible and strong to have been able to support the spine.Poorly developed muscles are not able to cope with the pressures that fall on the back, so the more you use the ligaments and joints.Gradually, the joints and ligaments more wear, and this leads to disruption of tissues, and chronic back pain.Exercises to strengthen the muscles will make it possible to get rid of the pain, increasing the ability of muscles to take the load, thereby facilitating the task of ligaments and joints.

Before you begin this exercise, you must hold a workout.After the end of the warm-up exercise should be repeated.How to strengthen your back muscles at home, without a special simulators and shells?This will be discussed below.

How to strengthen your back muscles at home

Lie down on a mat or carpet (you will also need a table) and do the exercises listed below, five sets each.Include them in your daily morning and evening, and continue to fulfill them after the disappearance of pain, it will prevent the recurrence of problems.

How to strengthen your back muscles exercises backward bend

1. Lie on your stomach, place a pillow under him, arms extended along the body.Raise your head off the floor, hold for a while, and then lower.

2. Shoulders are relaxed, lift your legs up centimeters 15.

3. When mastered these exercises, you can move to the right and simultaneously raising the head and legs, but no more than a few centimeters.

How to strengthen your back muscles flexing exercises on the back

1. Lie on your back, stretch your palms to the knees, while the back is bent.

2. Now try to touch your right elbow to your right knee.Repeat the same with the left arm and foot.

3. When mastered the first two exercises, lift the knee to the opposite elbow.Do the same with the other arm and leg.

How to strengthen your back muscles lifting legs

1. Lie down on his stomach on a table so that the hips were on the edge, hands need to stay at the table.

2. Raise the legs to level the table.Monitor that while the back does not bend.Keep feet well before the count of three, then slowly, slowly lower.

How to strengthen the muscles of the hands the house

We will not give exercises with dumbbells and other projectiles, and pay attention to the seemingly simple exercises such as push-ups and pull-up on the bar.The difficulty here is that, unlike dumbbells, engaged in dealing with a much heavier weight - your own body, so the technique of execution of these exercises must be approached very seriously.


1. Kneel, rest your palms on the floor, spreading them slightly wider than shoulder width, toes inward.Straighten your back, shoulders slumped, buttocks tighten and tighten your abdominal muscles.Line body (head - knees) to be tilted relative to the floor.On the inhale goes down, with arms bent at the elbows, and the back straight.Returning to the original position, do not straighten your elbows to the end.

2. Perform this exercise, but using, as a support, not your knees, and toes, the body should be straight.

Pulling on the bar

suggested exercises for beginners:

1. Grasp the horizontal bar, while the back of his hands - to himself, and hung as you can.Relax, grab the horizontal bar again and do the turn of the body in different directions.

2. Pull on the bar, and the head should rise slightly above the crossbar.Powys, then slowly unbend his hands, straining muscles.

3. The following exercise requires an assistant.Pull on the bar, thus straining the arm muscles.At this time, the helper, keeping your legs, slowly lift up.

constantly increasing the number of pull-ups.Focus on correct exercise - no need to swing the legs must remain straight.

4. Having mastered these exercises, do the same, but the grip on the bar - his hands to himself.So other muscles will be worked out.

After the exercises the hands drop down, relax and shake them.

How to strengthen the chest muscles at home

exercises for the muscles of the chest, you can do both with a dumbbell, and without them.Exercises with dumbbells can be done standing, sitting and lying on his back, spreading his hands apart and then joining them in front.

Similar exercises are performed with expanders.Well, if there is no sports equipment, you can simply perform push-ups, choosing the best for himself the angle between the body and the floor surface.