How to build the inside of the thighs fast?

inner thigh - one of the most problematic areas of the female figure.In winter, the appearance of the legs does not bother us, and you thought: how to build inner thigh.But by the summer, when we begin to realize that soon wear a bathing suit and go to the beach, there is panic at the sight of the reflection in the mirror.Rectify the situation can be if, without waiting for summer to start to clean up their feet.

If you do not know how to pump up the inside of the thighs, use the exercises in this article.Follow this complex about 4 times a week.But do not try to do it every day, because the muscles after exercise to recover.The recovery period usually takes 48 hours, so the version of the "day after" is most suitable for training.

Thus, we begin to answer the question "how to build inner thigh?" Lie on your left side, resting on the forearm, the right leg bend at the knee and place the foot in front of left foot.On the exhale, lift your left foot off the floor with the toe pull her to him.Do not hold your breath, try to stretch as much as possible only to the inside of the thigh.Hold the leg in the air for about 30 seconds, then lower it to breathe and relax.A little rest and do another 2 sets of this exercise.If you like physical activity is small, do not rush to turn over to the other side.Let's see how to build inner thigh harder.A little complicate the task: while lifting your left foot up, follow the "spring" - small jiggle up - down.Mach number depends on your physical fitness.If the first few workouts you perform a lot of complicated springs, do not less than 24, then gradually brought to 50 approaches.Well, if the number of repetitions you gradually would bring up to 100 - 150 times.Perform the exercise on the right foot.

Sit inspiratory stray body back, lean on the forearm, knees bent, lift your legs up.From inhale dilute feet in hand, send the socks.Follow for 3 minutes small springing movement.Then, a little harder exercise: Divorce and connect the legs completely.By the time of the execution of this option it will take about another 2 minutes.Now tell how to pump up the inside of the thigh, if such a load is small for you.Completely get down on your back, lift your legs up straight.On the inhale dilute legs and exhale to reduce them.Keep doing these movements 4 minutes.Then lower your legs and relax seconds 30.

Sit down, bend your knees and feet together, connect, put his hands on the inside of the thighs.Exhale to press your palms start to his feet and at the same time try to keep your knees together.Due to such a counter, you'll strain the muscles of the hips as possible.On the inhale, remove power from the hands and feet, relax 2 - 4 seconds.Perform 10 - 30 is the solution of this exercise.

Consider another exercise.For him, you will need a medium-sized ball.Lie on your back, bend your legs, between the knees, place the ball.With an exhalation, push your knees on the ball, trying to squeeze as much as possible.On inhalation the muscles relax.Follow this alternating voltage of 2 minutes.Then, a little harder exercise.The ball is placed closer to the center of the inside of the thighs, legs completely straight, and lift up.Also, when you exhale squeeze the ball down, hold the muscle tension 3 - 5 seconds and then relax your feet.Perform at least 30 approaches.

We have considered some of the most effective exercises.This article will be very useful for those who think how to build inner thighs.To be successful in this regard, most importantly, do not give up, be persistent in doing the exercises.However, note that if you are just starting to exercise, and until that time, had not engaged, then the first bit smaller number of approaches are gradually gaining momentum.