Powerful and beautiful back - thrust rod in the slope

Bodybuilders amaze fans with his huge muscled back.Of course, this is the result of long and hard training under special programs.It has long been proven that weight training is best performed following certain rules.The athlete needs to understand what muscle group he wants to work.Based on this, all the selected exercises.Have you ever seen an athlete who has pumped one arm or leg?Training includes a set of exercises that focus on the development of absolutely all muscle groups.And what a body builder or bodybuilder without a well-developed back?After all, this part of the body ensures the athlete success in almost all sports.

How to increase the back?That is the thrust rod in the slope will give you an excellent opportunity to make a trunk wider.This exercise conquered athletes worldwide.The main burden falls on the middle part of the back.If the thrust rod in the slope will become a permanent exercise in your program, the addition will occur in the thickness of the top and bottom of the broadest muscle of the trapezoid.This training is very important to observe the proper technique execution.Just because your back will become more massive and muscular.

So, standing in front of the bar, feet no wider than shoulders, knees slightly bent.Tips and undertake the neck grip the top of the projectile.The distance between your hands should not exceed the width of the shoulders.Then lean forward torso is almost parallel to the floor.The head looks straight forward, knees slightly bent.Psoas muscle in the process of implementation must be constantly strained.It turns out that the bar hangs at the hands of the athlete on the straight at the shins.Breathe in and tighten the projectile to the stomach.Watch the elbows, which should strictly move up and down.Casting them as high as possible.Pull the barbell just using the back muscles and shoulders.The movement should be smooth, without all jerks.When would be about neck belt, exhale and slowly lower down.In order to achieve maximum effect, you must torso, head and feet while leaving the fixed set.Watch out for your knees.They must be permanently bent.Fix the back, and let her be slightly arched.Do not, under any circumstances, this part of the body are rounded.Thus increases the chance of injury.Subject to the above regulations thrust rod in the slope will give the desired result.In order to increase the range of motion, you can use dumbbells.

course, the thrust rod to the stomach - a dangerous exercise, but very productive and useful.The main thing - to do exercises safe for health.In such a case will be reached maximum output.

effective exercises with which worked out the whole back, is considered the deadlift the bar.It is a basic training for all experienced lifters.This allows athletes to exercise polyarticular for a short time to build up a huge muscle mass.The back is made of volume, beautiful.During the exercise the following working groups of muscles: biceps, triceps, forearms, buttocks and extensors of the latissimus dorsi.As you can see, the benefits of exercise is difficult to overestimate.

Many young athletes are eager to do deadlifts immediately.This is mistake.First, you need to load your back using squats.There are two types of exercises: Classical and thrust "sumo".Both types are very popular among athletes.Different only in the production of the legs.It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this exercise.In fact it is not.We need to come to the bar to limit the distance to the bar when lifting slid over the hips.You need to keep the back straight.Himself rise is carried out smoothly, in any case no need to make a breakthrough.If you are working with solid weights, weight belt must be worn that will fix your posture and back.

Whatever it was, the two exercises are working on a lot of muscle groups.Just pull the bar in the slope of more developing mid-back.