Nationalist - is the diagnosis?

ideas of "liberty, equality and fraternity", alas, although officially recorded in the various program documents of international organizations and the Constitution, nevertheless did not belief for all people.Probably never will be - that is human nature.People tend to desire to be, or at least feel better than others.The rivalry inherent in our genes.It is sad, but, having no other reason to be "better" people are starting to use to assert its superiority wealth, race, gender or age.The nationalist - a person, convinced most prevailing values ​​of the people compared to the rest.It is not necessary to communicate this concept only with Nazi Germany.Alas, the nationalist - a person with a certain system of beliefs and values, regardless of their political affiliation.

It would be wrong to consider these people and patriots.Love for one's country does not imply hatred or contempt for everyone else.Unlike a patriot, a nationalist - is the one who is concerned not so much a boon to "own" as punishment and expulsion of "outsiders."The conviction of such a person is present polarity.His nation is estimated unambiguously positive, all the rest - negatively.They are attributed to the non-existent faults, sins, is accused of the fact that color of eyes or hair, different names and origins.Let us recall the sad experience of totalitarian states.When it born the idea that the nation is the enemy, and we have to eradicate, or that some people can control other and bend from their own.It was then and there the deepest tragedy.People are cruel and merciless towards their neighbors.Under the "national characteristic" summarizes all the previous conflicts, problems and disputes.

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Currently civilized nations condemn the politics of hatred.A nationalist - a supporter of the idea of ​​superiority of one people and the need for destruction of another.No matter how beautiful slogans can cover up these people, the essence of inhumanity.You can safely say that such chauvinistic ideas faster and more effective take root among the poorly educated population.Because people who have no deep knowledge of history, geography, ethnography is much easier to convince that all their problems are caused by the presence of "foreign element".Recall how during World War II, Ukrainian nationalists staged a massacre of civilians (for example, in Volyn).Or pogroms and anti-Semitism in Russia and Europe.Alas, nationalism raises its head now.European governments are taking all possible measures to combat and leveling any ideas inciting enmity and hatred.Russia for centuries was a multinational state.The richness of its culture is precisely due to the legacy of the different peoples.And so it is inconceivable that the Russian nationalists directed their efforts at suppression or expulsion of members of other nations.It is to think wisely and to implement a policy of peace and harmony.To counter the global trends of internationalization and globalization is impossible.Therefore, the only solution to the complex problems and conflicts in this area is to educate and promote tolerance and good-neighborliness.In addition, be sure to remember that in the field of international relations, the principle of "As the call, so the echo."And if we do not want to oppress the Russian minority and were humiliated in other countries, we ourselves also must not allow this attitude to other peoples.Nationalism - a disease that can develop into Nazism, if only create political conditions.And since in our time, and without it there is no stability, it is inconceivable that the epidemic is spreading.