Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, recently was still just a girl is building a relationship with a member of the British Royal family, the eldest son of Lady Di - William.And the whole world saw how she turned from Cinderella's almost a real princess.Just wanted to say that they lived happily ever after.But it all started smoothly?

Kate Middleton when still did not know what was waiting for her in the future, was admitted to the same university where he studied William already.It was there that they met, although the relationship is not immediately fastened.Only in 2004 they became a couple, although it is for 2 years before they, along with a few friends living under the same roof.It has the moment something in between - unknown.As time went on, but Kate did not get marriage proposals, even though everyone around her seemed very suitable pair of heir to the throne: elegant, charming, friendly, and moderation - the embodiment of British virtue.During that Kate was nicknamed "waity Katy" - "waiting for Kathy."

In 2007, there were rumors about the separation of the Prince and Cinderella.Are there was a gap - known one way or another, but in 2010, Kate is still awaiting a proposal.Until then, she will be named Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was very long.In April 2011, people from all over the world watched a beautiful wedding, which seemed a fairy tale ending.But that was only the beginning.

After some time after the wedding, there were rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge, the news about the pregnancy which all were looking forward to, is barren.Of course, any comments on this issue were not.Kate continued to attend various events to appear in public and gets photographers.Duchess of Cambridge, outfits which often echoed with the style of Lady Diana, even in the most fitting dress showed no signs of pregnancy.

And then she got to the hospital, and the nurse let slip that soon the royal family an heir.Kate remained just as cheerful and charming and went on to appear regularly at social events.On one of them she allegedly blabbed about what awaits her daughter.Was it an attempt to bring intrigue and confuse everyone?Maybe.But on July 22 and a half weeks after the expected date of birth to a healthy and pretty big boy, named George.

believed that he was the most famous baby in the world, even before his birth in several sections of the Wikipedia article about him appeared.And the Duchess of Cambridge did not hesitate and hide its still quite a big belly after giving birth, having won the approval of British women.On the second day after the birth, she showed the newborn prince and photographers gathered at the hospital.After becoming a mother, she was even more prettier.And is this not happiness?Just a girl from a wealthy family came into the royal family, won the title.Now Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is an example of style for many women.She has a family, a newborn son.And it is hoped that this story will end the traditional words "they lived happily ever after and died in one day."