Princess Grace of Monaco - one of the most beloved princesses of the twentieth century

future Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly only sixteen starts exempted from his youthful shyness and awkwardness and becomes not just a beauty and a stellar performer role in a school theatrical circle.

Parents Grace had three reasons to vaccinate daughters skills artistic activity.

First, she looks great.

Secondly, she had a tendency to play on stage and talent.

Third, it made an impact on his uncle George Kelly - her father's brother, and the famous American playwright.

Thus, the future Princess of Monaco became a student of the Academy of Theatre Arts in New York, as well as the soul of all the companies and parties.It begins to appear in commercials, for which he received a good fees.It's amazing that she does not spend it on yourself, and sends money to his father-millionaire to pay for her education at the Academy.

first love, the future princess became the head of its creative team Don Richardson.Grace happily introduced his beloved family.But the girl's parents asked him to leave their home because, to be vigilant, porylis time in his papers and found that he was married.

future Princess of Monaco became famous after her role in the second movie, but it does not recognize your glory and the whole year is leaving Hollywood to go back on a star.That she was able to.After signing a seven-year contract, she starred in several films.Already nominated for her first Oscar, for the second it receives this well-deserved award.Accuracy, beautiful aristocratic manners girls attract the attention of the best directors.It invites you to shoot himself Alfred Hitchcock, with whom she starred in three movies in a row and become very rich and famous.But she longs to get married.

However, it was not so easy to create a family girl.Her parents denied any of the suitors, shows the field of view of the beautiful daughter.He was refused even the influential Sheikh east.

situation changed in that time, when it became a famous actress goes to the Cannes Film Festival and to get acquainted with Rainier III - Prince of Monaco, who after a while turns to Grace's father's consent to marry his daughter.Mr. Kelly, this time accepted the offer.

Subsequently, Hollywood is often rumored that the Princess of Monaco will soon star in a particular film.But it was not true, because since that time, Grace was married, she did not have any other roles besides the role of mother and wife.After the first daughter Caroline, she gave birth to the heir - his son Albert.Then, in their family was born the youngest Princess of Monaco - Stefania.

a long time, the adult son of Grace Prince Albert II did not wish to be bound by marriage.Acquainted with the famous swimmer Charlene Uitstok competitions, he spent ten years did not dare to propose to her.Finally, in 2011, their wedding still took place.Today, the young wife of Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene of Monaco, attracted huge public attention because gives hope for the birth of a new heir to the throne.