What is liberalism and what it is based

Liberalism is a kind of political movement that expresses and promotes the freedom of man.This approach to understanding human nature gave full freedom of choice and behavior.But, in addition to the views of human life and society, this movement had its setting in the economic sphere.Let's take a closer look at what is liberalism.

Economics and Politics

Liberalism in the economy implies non-interference of the state, the absence of regulatory function.Representatives of this movement believed that the state should only exist to protect people against all kinds of aggression, and if possible to expand the rights of man and his freedom.Liberalists promoted free enterprise, they have always supported the freestyle competition and open trade between different stranami.Chastnoe entrepreneurship in their view, it is a stronghold of freedom and independence.According liberalists, open and free international trade helped to reduce political tensions between the two countries, thereby preventing military conflicts.All the aspirations and desires of the individual if there is free competition, promote the development of trade and the country as a whole.The same thing is happening at the international level.If you have a condition that all people live on an equal footing, with equal access to the same resources, free trade is the connecting point, uniting all countries of the world into one big market.What is liberalism?This is primarily freedom, equality and full development of society and the economy.On the political side, this movement is defined as a reaction in response to an authoritarian regime.Liberalists tried to minimize the hereditary right to rule, to create organs of parliamentary government, to increase the number of people who would have the right to vote and elect, and of course, guarantee full civil liberties.

XIX and XX century - the difference is obvious

Asked about what is liberalism, we can not say that in the XX century the word has acquired several new value.In particular, it is strongly affected USA.The liberals of the XX century in the selection of centralized and decentralized political system would prefer the first option, guided by the fact that in this way you can do much more useful for the people.
Liberals supported the XIX century to the local authorities.In addition, new liberalists complete vmeshatelstvo favor of the state in regulating the economy.How do you see in liberalism in just one century there have been dramatic changes.Russian liberalism was no less controversial.The greatest scope he got during the reign of Peter I, who considered it important to focus on Western Europe.The whole point here is that for faster and more efficient development of Russian society and the economy liberalists offered "copy" images and the foundations of European leaders.The problem of all was the fact that, as a rule, do not take into account all the realities of Russia and the mentality of the Russian people at the time.What is liberalism - freedom or control?During the XIX-XX centuries, this movement was divided into two parts: the old and new liberalists.The first advocated freedom and non-interference of the state, while the latter advocated the complete control.