Where is our climate

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Recently, to our Agency frequent calls asking how climate is changing - in the direction of warming or cooling.

Yes, in fact, the year 2012 can be considered a foreign climate change.Finally, Africans have seen snow.It inspired them so that they began to actively seek out members of the society of global warming, to solemnly handed them shovels cleaning the snow African.Rome was paralyzed five-centimeter layer of snow.Afghan children played snowballs.Tunisians sculpted snowman.Dushanbe this year, said on March 21 the arrival of the spring of the new year - Nuvruza - with snow.Border impact of the snow has topped traditionally warm countries (Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria).At the same time central Russia began to get rid of severe frosts, and vigorously kneaded road slush throughout the winter.

climate change, but why?The answer to this question, I recently heard from a Russian news release.Meteorologists (the country was not named) explained that climate change is due to the fact that the ocean currents began to move in the wrong direction, and the wind was blowing in the wrong direction.Beautiful and mysterious version of events, emphasizing the same mindset, the same experts.Well, try to understand.Let's apply the tools of quality management, to find the cause of this phenomenon, not to defame the investigation.From simple

analysts even a small amount of the above facts shows that the temperature zones as it shakes, making the climate more bipolar in different climatic zones.That "shakes" the climate, can the planet Earth itself?In this case, only its axial rotation and displacement of the axes of rotation of the solar system could lead to climate change.From the theory we know that the Earth's axis is inclined by 23,4 ° with respect to its orbital plane, it causes the seasonal changes in the planet's surface with a period of one tropical year (365.24 solar days).The planet Earth is a satellite - the Moon, which began its circulation in orbit around the Earth about 4.53 billion years ago that stabilized the axial tilt of the planet and is the cause of the tides, which slow the Earth's rotation.Because of the tidal clock moon recedes from Earth by about 38 mm per year.And of course it does not pass completely removing - Earth axis tilt angle changing.The closer the Earth's axis to the ecliptic plane, the harsh climate of the planet.Here's the reason.And the most extreme consequence is: when one of the poles will be sent directly to the sun, and the other - in the opposite direction, and as the revolution of the Earth around the sun, they will change places.The poles, in this case, will be aimed directly at the sun in summer and winter.Planetary scientists who have studied this situation, claiming that, in this case, the world would become extinct all the big animals and higher plants.

in our southern region over the last 30 years of the arrival of spring has moved exactly one month.Winter has become more "soft" and snowy.In the summer is not so hot, the rain became frequent.Personally, I like these changes.It is important to cool down and prevent all attempts to gamble on the laws of natural phenomena.For the regions subjected to adverse climate change, we must note that one should not expect a miraculous return to the "velvet" weather.Urgently developing a program of adaptation of your states to inevitable climate change.Do not amuse themselves with empty slogans on environmental save the world.Earth there are more than 4 billion years old, and a man of understanding only a few thousand years trying to arrange his living space.Remember the phrase from the famous song - "we are the children of the planet Earth."With nature you must live in harmony, to be always ready for surprises weather and think about the future of humanity.

We were taught how to live, but were not taught how to manage their lives.Let's try.



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