Seismically active areas: rules of conduct during an earthquake

In many regions, there are often earthquakes.The indigenous people of the dangerous areas are well aware of the rules of conduct during an earthquake, and can save your life, if they would find the elements in the disaster zone.But it happens that people are on holiday, at a party are held hostage earthquake.The first thing that they begin to do in this case - to panic.This is the main terrible mistake, due to which increased casualties.To survive in an extreme situation, it is necessary to observe the rules of safe behavior during an earthquake.

Seismic services should warn about the possibility of disaster.And if it turns out, it is best to immediately leave the area of ​​the alleged earthquake.However, starts hunting land is not escape.In this case it is necessary to escape, do it quickly and correctly.

How to behave in a high-rise building?

When an earthquake there is a feeling as if the ground was slipping from under his feet.It lasts a few seconds, then begin to wobble chandeliers shake glass, moving furniture.In such a moment can not scream with fright to have a number of which are not started to panic.Falling objects could lead to injuries and cause tragic consequences.It is therefore necessary to find a safe place in the apartment, in case you begin to destroy furniture.It is best to take cover under a desk or crawl under the bed to take over the falling objects, and people thus able to avoid injury.

the safest place in the room is an interior angle that you want to take.With the destruction of the first to descend the outer walls.

forbidden during the aftershocks run out of the building, especially if it is high-rise apartment buildings.Since at this time may come down the stairs.You also can not go down the elevator.In general, during an earthquake panic begins near the main elevators and stairs.Therefore, you should avoid these places and find out in advance and take advantage of spare or emergency exits.

Rules of Conduct in the earthquake were forbidden to leave the building when there are shocks.The walls may collapse and the debris fall on the people running.All movements can be carried out only in the intervals between bursts.Earthquake triggers the alarm, turn off electricity: no need to panic, when everything hums and roars.

window is the wrong way to salvation by jumping out of it, you can get more injuries.

If the element found in low-rise buildings or cottage, the rules of conduct during an earthquake prescribe leave such places as soon as possible.Normally, the low walls of buildings can not withstand the forces of nature.But you can only go out when the tremors stop.After leaving the room, you want to find a place remote from the building where the head will not fall off the glass and walls.Security will be an open place where you can lie down and wait for the end of the disaster.

Of course, in the best position are those who during a disaster was on the street.But in this case there is a danger.Rules of behavior during an earthquake in this situation are advised to move away from buildings and power lines.It is forbidden to enter the underground passages.If a disaster caught on public transportation, do not panic, you should stop and wait for him to leave immediately.Also worth keeping and personal car.

underground when the storm is over, survivors and the survivors must also comply with the rules of conduct during an earthquake.A lot of people die because of not timely assistance provided.It should support the wounded free from debris, shelter warm clothing.Disassemble blockages can not.Just as assistants, following the instructions of specialists.It is impossible to approach the buildings as they can collapse at any moment.

For those who were under the rubble, the main task is to communicate with the outside world.It is necessary to listen carefully to hear outside sounds and try to give signals.It may be a cry or tapping.Do not panic.We must remember that help is sure to come.