Ornament for knitting: the scheme.

Crafts nowadays becomes more popular, a lot of masters happy to please themselves and their loved ones wonderful knit things.Asa knitting know that for different things you need to choose the right yarn and needles for knitting pattern.Driving the selected pattern or ornament should be easy to read, because the performance depends on the correctness of the result.

How to choose a pattern for knitting?

The choice of ornament or pattern depends largely on the speed of knitting and the appearance of a future product.That is why their choice should be treated seriously.A variety of beautiful examples for knitting with a description can be found in books and magazines on knitting, on sites of needlework or friend to learn from masters.But even the most magnificent ornament pattern or sometimes simply not suitable for knitting things planned, but just be able to make her beautiful.

use simple patterns make it easy to work: it is not difficult to read their scheme, and it reduces the production time of things.Most sweaters and jackets just in front of the product there are ornaments and patterns for the other components using a simple binding.

must be very careful to pick a pattern or pattern for knitting.The circuit should be clear and easily understandable symbols.

How to knit patterns?

Knitting describing the sequence of execution of the ornament, of course, will be given easily, but such schemes are rare.Since the scheme often have to deal.Masters of needlework cope with this quite easily, but beginners can experience difficulties.

Each new to knitting really should remember that the ornament of any complexity chosen yarn of the same thickness, regardless of color.Otherwise, the work will look ugly.

When knitting ornament are utilized just two or more kinds of colored thread.Before you start knitting yarn ornament should be required to fix color on the reverse side.If small fragments of ornaments, the main thread should extend beyond simply drawing loops that provyazyvayutsya different color.After provyazyvaniya ornament part in work again taken the main thread.

When knitting patterns need to ensure that the threads are not messed up.After finishing the series, turn right job.If you stop knitting, fold the balls so that they can not unwind.

Identical circuits for ornament and pattern

There are simple scheme, which can bind and patterns and ornaments.An example might be a pattern in the form of a heart.To obtain dark cells schemes need to knit thread, contrasting with the base web.If you want to figure was more striking, all the cells in the middle can knit hearts together with dark in color.

For pattern can, for example, purl knit fabric loops and dark cells (on the scheme) - facial.As is the case with an ornament, the whole middle of a heart encircled by dark cells can also knit facial loops.This will make the picture more lush.

Everyone can come up with very similar pattern or a pattern for knitting.The scheme is drawn is very simple: first on a sheet in the box represented any figure, and then the edges are denoted by dark cells.

Baby ornaments

What child would not be happy dress with ornaments of animals, toys or favorite fairy tale characters?Rather, for him it will be the favorite.Vyvyazanny children spoke pattern makes any thing more bright and beautiful.For knitting of the garment enough to have a scheme in which you can easily repeat the pattern.

very good use of the scheme with a color pattern: you'll immediately see what colors of yarn you need and how to choose the best background for the future of the ornament.If you are going to follow thread, drawing the best take.Sometimes, if there is the right color, you can choose another the most suitable, having put the thread to the drawing.

To diversify knitted item, you can use several simple patterns.In this case it is necessary to make sure that they were clearly seen on the selected background.You also need to comply with common themes: the machine next to the flowers will look weird.

Knitting pattern description "Steps"

If you have only one color of thread, knitting the beautiful things you can use a simple pattern for children.For example, the pattern "Steps" simple, but very beautiful.He makes a thing of volume, soft and warm.It is because of these qualities it is often used for knitting children's clothes.To vyvyazat a pattern with needles, enough to be able to knit and purl loops facial.The circuit pattern is simple, but still care when knitting can not hurt.


  • - - Wrong loop;
  • | - front loop.

even numbered rows are wrong side of the web.Knit them strictly according to the drawing.Since the scheme is a permanent change in the form of loops, it is important not to miss a single character.

ornaments and patterns with flowers

looks very beautiful clothes, which are drawings or patterns like flowers.Ornament with small flowers to knit a very simple thing - to pick up the thread the desired color.Effectively looks on clothing ornament "Rose".

Such simple designs such as "Rose", can be used for knitting the whole product or place them on separate parts: the pockets, collars or cuffs.They can also be combined into one figure - knitting and get a great sprig of flowers.

looks great clothes, vyvyazannaya openwork pattern "Jingle Bells."It is suitable for knitting sweaters, cardigans, shawls, dresses.Threads can be used completely different, depending on the season to fit thing.


  • | - front loop;
  • About - nakida;
  • / - provyazyvayutsya two loops together with a slope to the left;
  • \ - two loops together;
  • M - three loops together.

even numbered rows are knitted purl loops.

The pattern is very simple and looks nice: on the canvas can be seen beautiful flowers.Ornament and pattern shown above, it is easy to knit those who are familiar with provyazyvaniya face and reverse loops, and is able to do nakida provyazyvat loop together.

Mittens with ornaments spoke: circuit

use patterns makes it possible to fine needle women knit mittens.When the small unit can be used a variety of patterns or motifs.

knitting mittens for children, you can use a simple ornament in the form of snowflakes, Christmas trees and little animals: it all depends on the choice of the master.Such patterns are often located on the top side of the product, and the back side is a monochromatic or it can present very simple ornaments.

knitting mittens for adults can use jacquard patterns.They can be used to decorate certain parts of mittens or present throughout the article.Knitting patterns are simple, the main thing - work closely with the scheme.Very nice look scarves and caps associated with similar patterns.

If it is difficult for beginners to knit complex patterns, you can use their individual fragments.To do this, cut around the area of ​​the scheme, on which the desired fragment, and work with it as with individual designs.You can also supplement the single ornament that he liked the fragments of another one.To do this, they need to be transferred to the scheme you are using.

Can you come up with the most ornamental?

Sometimes knitting desired things can review all the examples from all resources, but did not find the right ornament.Or you want to place a product on some original inscription, which no one had ever used.In such cases, it is possible to make the pattern for knitting.Scheme for him is pretty easy: you have to take a piece in the box and draw on it what you want to see on your product.After that, the cells that are inside the picture, you need a good paint color and you have a pattern.

Using patterns or knitting patterns, you can create a very beautiful and original clothes.Sometimes the right options selected patterns can turn an ordinary thing in a work of art.