Speed ​​record on a bicycle.

What is the maximum speed a person can develop while riding a bicycle?There are a lot of records achieved in different conditions, in different situations and at different times.

speed cycling

normal untrained person will not hurrying on city roads can move at a speed of about 12-15 km per hour, taking into account and downs and ups of the road.This value is taken as the average speed of the bicycle.

exercising little man on a bicycle with certain facilities (eg, toe clip is available, switch gear, good brakes) is able to move around quickly - at the speed of 30 km / h.

And if the same person on the transplant highway lightweight bicycle, for example, without the front and rear of the wing, then on the flat area, he will be able to overclock up to 40 km / h and continues to hold that speed for a few minutes.

There are not only records the speed of a bicycle, but also world records retention rate.In 2005, on the famous cycling track in Krylatskoye, the representative of the Czech Republic O. Pine kept reached speed (49.7 km / h) on the bike for 60 minutes.He could not hold a value of 50 km / h due to the fact that his bike was only one transfer and a fairly high seat.Such a record is complicated by wear forces.

On good roads can be a 9-kilometer descent safely maintain a high speed of 60-70 km / h, even at the heavy mountain bike.It turns out that over the maximum speed for simple amateur cyclists should take these values.

How it all began?

cyclist Jose Meyfret set a world speed record on a bicycle (204.73 km / h) in 1962 in Friedberg (Germany).It all started even earlier.From the very inception of the bike it has been many attempts to achieve maximum drive speed.

Perhaps we should talk about the most significant and important records in the history of this sport, and most transport.

In 1899, Charles Murphy, having trained about 2 months, I decided to put the record speed drive in Long Island railroad.To do this it was necessary to attach one car to the engine hood and equip it to a cyclist could hide from the wind.First, because of the mistakes he himself Murphy behind the train, but then still caught up with him.Thus, in June 1899 it was a record maximum speed.He was 100.2 km / h.

next speed record on a bicycle was made only in 1937.It happened in Los Angeles (CA).The champion Albert Marquet moved the car, which was also equipped with a fabric frame to the cyclist was moving inside it.His record was - 139 km / h.

Within 5 years, in 1942, set a new record (again in California).In this case, the vehicle in front was racing, and the bike was improved.At that time, the record Alf Letourneau was developed most the maximum speed on a bicycle.

record was recorded at around 175 km / h.But this is not the end of world achievements.

Records.The world speed record on a bicycle

absolute speed record on a bicycle set in 1995.Its value - 268.8 km / h.This was achieved by the Dutch Fred Rompelbergom.The record was important and valuable not only for the rider, as he in the same year was 50 years old.

This event took place on the highway in Utah (USA).It was a perfectly flat surface of an ancient lake (salt), Bonneville is plain.And the bike was specially equipped (significantly increased gear ratio and a special transmission system on the rear sprocket).And, as always, he was moving the car ahead of him, who also created behind a zone of reduced pressure.

speed record on a bicycle with mountains

downhill can also be under different conditions: on the ice surface and groundwater.Therefore, records are separated.

on winter road mountain bike, with excellent transport equipment (other than the bike aerodynamics, aerodynamic outfit), the speed record on a bicycle firmly holds the athlete Eric Baron.In 2000, in the Alps (April 12), he broke up his bike to 222 km / h.

Despite the fact that he came down from the mountain, his record was lower than the absolute (F. Rompelberga).Yet we must note that the air resistance during the descent has been increasing, and vibration intensified, worsening the sustainability of transport.This vibration and prevented him from also set a record in the gravel descent (sad finish).

Two years later, on the slopes of Sierra Negro the same athlete took 3rd place after the previous self-same second, literally, "driving" about 400 meters down on the gravel.It was for the cyclist's hell: at the finish of this terrible period of the maximum speed of the bicycle reached 210.4 kilometers per hour, and his bike literally exploded.

Good preparation, competent and high-quality protection helmet Baron helped to survive in a deadly situation.

is no limit to the human and technical capabilities.Man will always strive to conquer new heights.