Stones for Libra: peace and light from the nature

elegant, mannered and diplomatic Libra tend to pay much attention to appearances all aspects of life, starting with the relationship between people and the most complicated philosophical concepts.It is because balance can not remain indifferent to everything beautiful and harmonious, and at certain periods of life often put above the external internal.From birth attractive lady and wonderful sides, these people are insanely talented in everything where you want to show a sense of measure, measures the ability to balance the various parties.What stones Libra suit best?


More malachite our ancestors was known as a magic stone, fulfilling desires.Bright, clean people it helps in almost all endeavors to bring good luck.And even jewelry with malachite make its owner very purposeful.Amazing Gem helps to open and develop the creative and other capabilities, to realize all the ideas.Speaking of stones for Libra, is also said that malachite attract to its owner a lot of new friends and acquaintances - both good and bad, and therefore worth a closer look to their surroundings.However, the main thing here - do not abuse the stone features, and then he will bring you only positive.In addition, malachite helps to develop communication skills, gives a unique charm, eloquence and friendliness.


First the stone is remarkable in that it only mine in the world is located in Russia - more than anywhere else it is not.Mineral rich purple hues awaken in man wisdom, spirituality and discretion will protect from many mistakes and losses.Placed in the home of figure charoite allow the family to keep the love and understanding, and a souvenir on the desktop will attract a lot of new creative ideas and inspiration.

Rubellite (Tourmaline)

There are many shades of tourmaline, and these stones are suitable for Libra is the best.Red symbolizes the energy of passion, and in particular recommended that the stronger sex.Green rubellites able to attract wealth and prosperity.However, people over 35 years old to wear the green rocks are not worth it, since they will be significantly cooled the passion in a relationship.And most of all tourmalines suited creative types - they can be used to achieve recognition and success in the field of art.


These stones for Libra is also very good: they help to get rid of worries and nervous tension, protects from bad dreams and inspire the soul of peace and tranquility.


Often referred to as "rock soul", it is perfectly suited to Libra, helping them to establish relations with others and to develop spiritually.


Want to know which stone at the sign Libra is responsible for intelligence and everything to do with thinking?Feel free to choose a beryl.It is he who makes the mind sharper and accelerates thinking processes.

In addition, you can buy amethyst for Libra (versatile defender from adverse external influences), lapis lazuli (brings happiness and helps the owner to deal with their own shortcomings), Opal (protects against the excesses and makes it possible to maintain a balance) or aquamarine (helps to findcommon language with people and keep yourself in the hands of even the most difficult situations).