Surviving the cold, keeping the beauty: Collection Winter Therapy from Wella ProSeries

Cold bring a lot of trouble the hair, making it dry and lifeless.Now you can easily solve the "winter" hair problems due to the new collection Winter Therapy from Wella ProSeries.Shampoo and conditioner, its member, nourish and moisturize hair, restoring their smoothness and shine.

hair in winter exposed to the negative impact of several factors:

• Cold air and wind. At low temperatures, the moisture level is reduced, causing the hair to suffer from dehydration.

• Central heating. indoor air is very dry in the winter, which creates an additional problem - the accumulation of electrostatic charge on the hair, due to which hair becomes unmanageable and do not look in the best way.

• Headwear. From hats and scarves hair electrified even stronger pushatsya and stick together.

• Use devices for hair styling. in combination with other factors styling hot can damage the cuticle, and eventually to hair breakage.

use shampoo and balm-conditioner new collection Winter Therapy from Wella ProSeries helps solve the "winter" problems and prevent their occurrence:

• Hydration and nutrition. components that are part of a new series of agents soften hair, saturate them trace elements, returning strands vitality, shine and smoothness.

• Eliminating electrostatic effect. shampoo and conditioner smoothes the cuticle, allowing the hair tightly adjacent to each other, creating a luxurious glossy effect.

• Protection from damage. Each hair is covered with very thin protective layer that reduces damage to the hair during combing and styling.

international stylist Sascha Breuer Wella confirms the importance of hair care products, the corresponding season and the weather outside the window: "Beautiful hair starts with a competent care.Like in a collection Winter Therapy from Wella ProSeries, she struggles with the most common problems that arise in the winter - dry hair and electrification.After applying the shampoo and balm-rinse hair look well groomed, silky to the touch and incredibly shiny.This is a really effective and pleasant treatment for your hair, they need to spend the winter without consequences and meet spring in all its glory. "