Lessons astromineralogii: a stone suit Virgo

Virgo - a sign of a purely earthly constant.But in the spiritual sense it can be called an eternal wanderer.The people who run this constellation always learn something, improved, are in constant mental stress.However, they are interested in not only scientific theories, but also spiritual practices.On this path of moral perfection reliable assistants, and even become conductors for the representatives of this sign gems.

Virgo and borates

Which stone suit Virgo-seekers, travelers on the other worlds of knowledge?First of all this, or rather, these gems that make it possible to transform the primitive energy of the earth daily desires in a higher fine, enlightened, so to speak.Most of them belongs to a group of borates - derived from borate, sedimentary rocks formed over a long period of geological time.Borates not only absorb negative energy and emit positive pulses.Moreover, they take their excess when a man overwhelmed with power, but there is no place to send them, and he gets into various unpleasant situations.Being at the disposal of the representative of the sign, stones develop in people sincerity, sincerity, mercy, compassion.


If we talk specifically about what the stone will suit Virgo, then, first of all, we should remember about the opaque tourmaline.It is dense, pretty solid mineral wide range of colors: green, red, blue, brown, black, rarely - colorless.It is often referred to astromineralogii precious talisman incorrigible visionaries and dreamers.However, there is in tourmaline and priceless purely practical nature, clearly explaining why, and what a gem fits Virgo.It allows people to look beyond the veil of time, the future and calculate a variety of options for those or other situations.Herein lies the secret of the foresight and vision of representatives of the sign.True, it is better to have it in the form of nuggets, not jewelry.Talisman-tourmaline is very useful to pilots, military investigators who are on expeditions, and all the virgins, whose life is connected with any extreme or creativity.


Another answer to the question about what kind of stone Virgos approach sounds unusual: kornerupine.Know about it, perhaps the only jewelers, astrologers, so a small number of geologists lovers of natural minerals.In nature, it is quite rare.Astrominerologi gem aptly compared with a pianist in a black frock coat, who enthusiastically plays and brings joy to the public.Stone creates positive emotions in people, optimistic, enlightened view of the world, faith in the future.It is very useful as the Virgo is the eternal skeptics doubted the wisdom of the device life and often succumb to negative thoughts.By the way, kornerupine can advise those who doubt the choice of mascot for the children and what the stones fit-Virgo women.In terms of mental mineral stimulates the desire to live in the physical - support operation tired body.


Another special and very valuable gemstone - roditsit.He knows by and large not only to experts at the hearing of the common people.However, on roditsite should always remember: a rare stone of Virgos longer fit him.The spirit of the stone - the intrepid warrior, it helps its owners to deal with difficulties, not to give hands and not give in to problems.Furthermore, it activates the logic and rational thinking is a kind of moral constraint, not allowing many Virgos overstep moral prohibitions.And another useful stone - Eremeeva as astrologers say, is a great spodruchnikov Virgin.It develops from the inherent nature of this sign spirit domesticity, the pursuit of its nest arrangement.And in the mental plane helps to understand other people, to understand their inner world.

Of course, apart from those mentioned, the Virgin still a lot of stones, talismans, and each has a specific meaning.But those described in the article are considered fundamental.