Autumn feeding bees: quickly, efficiently, on time

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autumn beekeeper to a new stage, it is extremely responsible.Ahead of winter, which is an experienced beekeeper never deceive low activity in the hive.This is a complex and very treacherous period.At this moment, without exaggeration, in human hands the fate of the entire apiary.To every one of bee colonies wintered well, needed autumn feeding of bees.

Why is it necessary?

Firstly, there may be one or more reasons why the bees have not been able to provide itself with the winter food reserves in sufficient quantities.Feeding them updated.This is its main task.

Secondly, the main honey harvest honey from hives devastated, and its removal is necessary to compensate.

Thirdly, the need to replace quickly crystallized honey, especially honeydew, which is often deadly for bees.Instead, they need to get enough high-quality honey (syrup).

Fourth, Autumn feeding of bees - a great reason to give them a "session receiving" medical and prophylactic drugs.

Feature fertilizing in the fall is that the bees need to get the most easily digestible product.They have neither the time nor the energy to perform the same work as the summer.And people can help them in this.

So, how to make dressing for the bees?
First of all, it is clear that it must be a sugar syrup.And it must be done in the best proportions, very convenient to recycle.This proportion is achieved if 2 liters of water to take 3 kg of sugar.Get it 64 percent solution.Water should be soft, so as not to accelerate the crystallization of the syrup.A sugar - only lighter, with no options.

Autumn feeding of bees is prepared in a clean container.The water is boiled, to fill with sugar, it is stirred until complete dissolution.The syrup should be brought to the stage almost boiling, then immediately remove from heat, so the sugar is burnt and spoiled hopelessly entire dressing.And now - a little trick, because, unlike sugar syrup, from flower honey has a characteristic acidic reaction.To simulate it in the syrup was added 70 percent vinegar essence (1 kg of sugar - 0.3 g).Once cooked autumn feeding of bees to cool to about 30 degrees, it can be worn on the hand in the hive.The colder it is the syrup, the bees will be reluctant to take it.

Now let's talk about a very important - the timing of feeding.It begins to be, the end of the main tricks and stops pumping honey.It's August.In principle, every two weeks you can meet.But if this operation is in some bee colonies for some reason is delayed, you need to keep in mind: feeding bees in winter should be discontinued until 10 September.Why is that?

Recycling syrup - the work of bees to wear, and those individuals who are engaged in it, until the spring just do not survive.They must change still does not load the young bees, just released "in the light."If feeding is delayed until 10 September, they willy-nilly will have to engage in the processing of the syrup.Receipt of nectar in the nest continue.Uterus decides that bribes are, and will continue to lay eggs.Will die and the young bees.They will replace out-of brood too late: the cold weather, that do not fly.In the absence of the first flyby of young bees begin to suffer diarrhea directly into the hive, and this - a deadly threat to the entire bee colonies.

See what terrible consequences may result in delays in feeding the bees in the winter?Please do not allow this.