Why zucchini bitter: the main causes

Sometimes gardeners are faced with the fact that in the garden grows bitter zucchini.Why can arise such a problem?The emergence of bitter cucumbers are not uncommon and sometimes taste bitter other vegetables and fruits.But with zucchini this is fairly rare.Let's try to identify the main causes.

Why zucchini bitter?

In fact, a cucumber and zucchini closest relatives are, so the main cause of the bitterness they have one.The thing kukurbitatsine - the substance accumulates in vegetables and causes a bitter taste.Increasing concentrations in pubs can occur due to various factors.For example, the lack of regular watering or a dramatic change in the humidity.That is, if observed during the summer rains, which are then replaced by long dry periods, then your a bed may well appear bitter zucchini.

More kukurbitatsina concentration depends on the variety.Selection work carried out over the years, provided us with varieties that contain a minimum quantity of the substance.But do not forget that there is a risk of cross-pollination with other crops.Especially dangerous in this regard ornamental gourd, bitter and inedible.Therefore, when choosing a place for the beds to consider this factor.

interesting that the question "why zucchini bitter" many gardeners respond that it occurs due to an excess of fresh organic fertilizers.However, there is more excess organic phenomenon - the rapid growth of green mass, decreased fetal growth and the deterioration of their condition.

Why zucchini bitter after cooking

Everyone loves fried zucchini and squash caviar in our country at all apart from the competition.However, sometimes the dish after cooking has a specific bitter taste.In principle, you can eat the food, but somehow I do not feel like it.So why the bitter after cooking the zucchini?On this issue, there are only two answers.First, the zucchini was initially bitter for some reason, already mentioned above.Consequently, all the dish acquires a specific taste.Second Embodiment - bitterness gives some other product.For example, quite often you can buy on the market, or even to grow up on his site a large red hot peppers instead of sweet Bulgarian.Only one seed in the package, and that's in your area grows a totally different plant.Externally, they are quite similar, but the chilli pepper has a sharp tip.However, if the process a large number of vegetables, it is easy to overlook.So hot peppers falls into the general dish and gives it the bitterness and sharpness.Another reason for the bitterness - rancid vegetable oil, which you can use when cooking.Another specific taste can give the dish some seasoning, so make sure you do not make a mistake with the recipe.

So, we have identified all of the major reasons why the bitter squash (in the garden or in the finished dish).To care for the plants, stick to the formula.And you will reduce the risk of such effects to a minimum.