You know how quickly grow indoutki?

What good household indoutki?Breeding and maintenance of these birds, unlike other species, allowing in some cases to dispense with a pond or other body of water, which is required by normal ducks sincein the nature of such a breed of birds nesting in the trees.However, if there is any water space, the process will be somewhat easier feeding, becauseindoutka eats weeds, bugs, worms can eat kitchen scraps, beet tops, corn and others. In addition, the birds emit a hissing sound instead of quacking that creates a low noise level.

What techniques are forbidden, if you have indoutki?Breeding and maintenance of thermophilic species suggests that the temperature in the house should not fall below 5 ° C (heating needs in winter).Sinceducks have very sensitive paws, they are not recommended to contain no litter.Sex in utyatnike should be closed with a thick layer of spruce branches and dry straw, the bird did not hurt myself limbs.Furthermore, ducks can not be let out on the street at temperatures below zero, and drink hot water or hot food to give.

How productive indoutki?Breeding and keeping them is quite beneficial becausePoultry growing rapidly grazing gives lean meat, feathers, feathers and eggs.Meat products from indoutok (musk ducks) are especially appreciated in gastronomy sincehave a low fat content, high content of useful amino acids, gentle smell and taste.From a duck in the course of the year you can get about a hundred large eggs (up to 70 grams).

Breeding indoutok as a business should take into account a number of features of this species.For example, farmers have reported that during incubation, a fairly low yield of ducks (half), so they need to be brooding output (output will increase to 90-95%).Poultry kept for about 3 months, at the same time to obtain a product of good quality indoutok should be well fed for 70-80 days before slaughter.The average weight of drakes can be up to 5 kg, the weight of the ducks - about 2.5 kg.At the age of about 8 months indoutki been able to lay eggs.On average, they carry about 5 months and then fade and enter into the second phase of oviposition.

how best to obtain products from indoutki?Breeding and maintenance suggests that birds will live "families" of 2-4 ducks per drake.For the growth of ducklings after the age of 3 weeks you will need about 12 square meters.meters for herds in 8 ducks and 6 males.In an earlier age in this area can live about 20 ducklings.For a good egg in the bird should be warm "bed" - a good litter, and separated from the stress, including those obtained from communication with other individuals (ducks - "layers" is better separated from the general population).

Indoutka, the content of which is not too much trouble, a bird that is very efficiently metabolizes food, it is little affected by avian typhoid, plague, diphtheria and other diseases, has an attractive appearance.Therefore, many recommend it for industrial use and for household decoration as a decorative bird.