Winter barley and millet - how to improve the efficiency of food supply

balanced food supply is the key to proper development and growth of farm animals.From the feed animals receive necessary for them to increase the energy and nutrients, trace elements and minerals.Nutrition on the number and composition of the delivery has to meet the basic physiological needs of the animal.The main advantages of using high-quality food:

  • good digestion in animals
  • stable growth in the mass
  • strengthen the immune system, reducing the number of illnesses

Preparation and preservation of an effective food supply - is no easy task, permit which can be through the use oftwo cultures: African millet and winter barley.

Brief millet

The arid climate in some regions a particular problem appears preservation and harvesting fodder.And this issue has been resolved in favor the use of special crops - millet.

It is a special annual plant with the properties of increased drought tolerance and high yield (about 266 quintals per hectare).Also created at its base feed

, gross purchased for the needs of the food base, meet the needs of the animals in the most important biological substances, asIt contains about 19 100 kg of fodder units.It should also be noted that millet - is ideal as feed for pigs, horses, cattle and poultry.

for agriculture sowing is carried out depending on what part of the plant is planned to be used as fodder.So, for hay crop should be done 60 days before the intended date of collection, and for grain - 150 days.It should be borne in mind that these terms include only the growth of the culture from the time of emergence and before the planned gathering.

It should also be noted that the collection of pearl millet silage, there are some features.Firstly, they should be cut at the time of formation of panicles, when the entire spectrum of nutrients found in the stems.Secondly, he cut should be implemented at the level of 20 cm from the ground to ensure the re-ascent.

In this feed culture should pay particular attention to the farms, which are located in the southern arid regions, asthat is where most of the drought carries a possible food supply.

Winter barley - benefits varieties

second on the effectiveness fodder crop, winter barley, wholesale purchased for agricultural purposes, can provide not only high-grade base, but also to create additional long-term conditions for growing other crops.

Its yield exceeds largely the germination of spring barley varieties and are the perfect base for the cultivation of other forage crops - milky-waxy corn.

As a rule, to obtain the maximum possible number of winter barley is used for the cleaning of his so-called "split" method.It consists in the fact that in the beginning of barley reaper mowed fire monitors, and after four days of going to the field harvesters equipped with pick-up.

gather the necessary maturation since its beginning in mid-June, in order to avoid shedding ears and, as a consequence, the loss of the crop.

In conclusion, it should be noted that growing crops considered both increases performance in livestock and agricultural sector of agriculture.