As C every day to look better

Anyone who wants to look at 100%!But how to achieve this without exhausting yourself and racking up?

1. Try to get enough sleep.They say that you should sleep 7-8 hours, but really - this is very individual.We need to test.Some people sleep for 5 hours and feel with a bang!The secret here is simple - you need to go to bed and get up to 24.00 before sunrise.That's all!

2. Eat right.Reduce consumption of fast food, soda, bad habits and semi-finished products.Everything you eat is reflected on your skin and your energy.If you want to look better, eat better food.The main thing here - plenty of fruits and vegetables.Naturally better to quit smoking.

3. More often walk in the fresh air.Especially if you work in an office at the computer.Of the seat at the computer in the state of stress is not very beneficial effect appearance.You get tired, and it's reflected on your face.

4. Move more.Especially if you are a motorist.Try to at least the weekend to do without the car.Navigate on foot or by bike.

5. Decide on the style of clothing.Your clothes should hide the flaws and show dignity.Read periodicals on fashion and style, browse websites or go to the stylist.Clothes can drastically change a person, so why not take advantage?

6. Drink plain water.Drink immediately after waking up a glass of water.You start the process of waking up in the body and improve the cleaning process.Drink water throughout the day, set in front of a glass of water and periodically replenish it.After all, water - the basis of all life, and we have water by 90 percent.

7. Rest properly.Valya front of the TV all weekend certainly not worth it.Unless of course you are not working at the factory for 24 hours a day.To have a good rest, change your usual place, it is best to go out of town into the countryside.Try it to concentrate fully on what is happening, lots of smile and laugh.Enjoy the moment.After such a holiday, you will feel fit and fresh.

8. Work on your inner world.Bad thoughts, bad food as well as affect the appearance.Try to communicate more with interesting and open people.Whatever you consume from the outside, it will be reflected inside.See more educational and fun movie.Trite often smile and say more compliments.What you do becomes what you think.

Be good!