Winter games children - fun in the realm of snow and ice

Winter is time rich in snow and ice, - a source of huge amount of fun and games for children.Some of these games are known to all, and some guys just compose on the fly.

Take pleasure themselves and their children - to play with them in various Winter Games during a walk!

Winter bouncers

with your favorite game, you can not leave in the winter, replacing the ball snowballs.Low snow roller denoted by a circle with a diameter of 4-5 m. It collects a group of players.The leader becomes a distance of 2-3 meters from the circle at this distance he can travel along it.In his hand - basket with snowballs.On signal The leader tries to get into any of dodging among the players.

When retire from the circle of all, leading me on the first retired.The winner is the one who "clear" terms, will cost a minimum reserve of snowballs.By the way, this game usually drags and adults.Start to show the children an example - and may not want to stop.


members molded big snowball, then stand around and hold hands.At the command of driving each player starts struggling to pull to whom his "neighbors", trying to topple them in the middle.Whoever falls on someone, or touch it, eliminated.This game leads into an equal delight and children, from the kids, and adults.

Who's next?

game becomes in a line in each hand at them for snowballs.At the command of the adult "Throw the right (left)!" - All the while trying to throw a snowball as far as possible toward the fence, tree or other landmark.Whose snow will fly farther than others, one is considered to be won.

participants of this simple game can be even very young kids, barely learned to walk.

Games with sled

Even if in the vicinity of a slide, it does not entice the guys for a long time - just to move out with her on a sled boring.While children do not invent some dangerous game and not started on purpose to face sleds, organize a kind of relay race.Learning to steer - employment for the youngest.On the descent from the hill you can make a hoop of long rods.Passing through them, the child learns to control the sled on the go: down by the snow on the side of the leg to which it is necessary to rotate;tightly gripping the sled knees, and slightly tilt the body back - in the direction of rotation.

Catch on the fly - along the slope can be arranged boxes and offer the child down on a sled, collect them.For kids, they are put on the same line for older kids - more complicated zigzag.It is possible that mothers with fathers also want to try their hand.

Corridor - flags or twigs fenced off a narrow corridor through which we must pass, knocking obstacles.

cheerful children with sledges of fun and there is a roller coaster.Here, for example, several game exercises for a flat pad.

Arrange 5-6 sleds at a distance of 1-1.5 m, and run between a snake or run, stepping over them.

Starting position - standing face to the side Sankoh.We must embark on a sled and get them, so that they would not budge.

Stand next to the sled, and relying on their hands, jump over them.Resist sledging on one leg as long as possible.

Things to first - two or three sleds put parallel to each other at a distance of about 2-3 steps.The children are each near his sled the right or left, depending on the conditions of the job.At the signal, each adult children run around his sled and try as quickly as possible to return to the starting position.And can complicate the task of returning to the starting position, turn toward the sledding and sit down, resting his hands on the sled or sit on the sled.

Funny race - the sled are placed on one line, the children sit on top of them, lowering his feet on the ground.At a signal from the adult "Forward!" - Move on a sled to the designated benchmark (snowdrift, flags, snow shaft), pushing down.At the signal "Stop!" All stop and wins one whose sled will be ahead of the others.Can complicate the task, and invite the children to move backwards or lying on his stomach.

Game "on a sledge!" - A variation on the famous "musical chairs".Sledge are arranged on one side of the pad - for one less than the number of players.Children running around freely, circling on the other side of the court.Once an adult utters the command "sledging!", You need to quickly run to toboggans and sit on them.Latecomer is no place.

Fast rides - on the starting line the children line up at one of three sleds.At the command "Start!" - One sits on the sled, and the other two come from the rope and carry the sled to the finish.Which team will be faster?By repeating the children switch roles.

If sled stayed

on a snowy hill can be a fun and interesting way to spend time and without favorite winter transport children.In the end, the sled can unexpectedly break.But that's no reason to sit at home and be bored while their parents buy new ones.Instead, play with them.

For example, - in the "White bear".Offer a preschooler to play as a polar bear.Bear enters the snowy hill on the slope on all fours (on straight legs), swaying from side to side and depicting polar beast.A climb up, stands up and runs down or slips into the ledyankah.

for sculptors and artists

Snow - excellent material for creative work, and all will participate - from the year-old kid to adult bored.You can start with the traditional snowman to exercise and work out, and then it's time to include fantasy.Why not create, for example, the zoo?A blind rabbit, a bear, a giraffe with an elephant.Or let everyone will fashion favorite fairy-tale hero, cartoon character, who he wants to be like.You will learn many new and interesting not only for children but also adults from your company.

figures to "come to life", be sure to take out of the house paint and paint them.And to your creations adorned the long meadow, they should pour water.Interesting stuff for the "ice art" can be made at home, when the boots and gloves are dried on the battery, and all are tired of walking.

Make colored ice, then to decorate snow figures, or upload them to a mosaic.In the evening, add a little water, watercolor, stir well, pour into a container for ice and place in freezer.In the morning will be ready.

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