Hair in the New Year - only natural!

This slogan many of us would be happy to have for life motto.And it's great that manufacturers of cosmetics, new series of hair based on natural ingredients.But even in modern products sufficiently chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors.What to do?At least sometimes to please yourself and your hair with natural products.

Almost each of the procedures for hair: from washing to packing can be enriched with natural ingredients.Let's start with staining.

Staining: We call 7 natural dyes

1. Henna. Henna - the best natural way to change the color of his hair, sometimes dramatically.Many who used black henna, said that the result is even better than a regular staining in the cabin.The benefits of henna, you can add the fact that the hair after application of the dye becomes soft, shiny and healthy.For all these indicators really henna can be put on the first place among natural dyes, it strengthens the hair and makes it possible to achieve a huge variety of shades and colors.

2. Lemon and chamomile. This method of dyeing dark hair does not help, unfortunately, but blonde hair will be thankful.This is a great natural way of highlighting or lightening.Rinse blond hair decoction of chamomile with fresh lemon juice.When you need to spend some time in the sun, at least 40 minutes of dyeing effect and a small clarification is provided!Do not forget to protect your skin and eyes from the sun.

3. Colouring shampoos. Although not a pure natural product, but is safe to say that they have no harsh chemicals.Therefore, to change the color of the hair with them - it is a healthy process.

4. Black coffee and black tea. These drinks not only stain our teeth or clothes, when they get to them.Their dyeing properties can be used for hair.Rinse the hair decoction of black tea or coffee - and noble brown wood shade provided.Naturally, he will wash off the next shampooing.

5. Red Tea. Karkade and Hibiscus - these teas will give your hair a reddish tint.

6. Paint the new generation. Perhaps it is worth mentioning that, starting from 2009, the majority of manufacturers of home hair dyes have in their collections products with a minimum of chemicals.It is certainly not a 100% natural dyes, but the most secure paint you can choose.Look for markings "ammonia-free" and "no peroxides."By the way, L'Oreal in 2010, launched on the market and the first professional paint without ammonia.So now in the cabin can be found benign staining.

7. Rosemary and sage. This is the most natural way to dye gray hair.Mix broth rosemary and sage and wash this hair.If you want a stronger effect, hold the hair with this composition a few hours until dry yourself.

Power and conditioning the hair - the nature of the

- At least once a week to do a deep conditioning hair using masks and balms.The most natural and simple mask - is honey.You can also use a mixture of mayonnaise (natural, without dyes and preservatives) and avocado.For best results, hold a mask while under a towel, and then rinse your hair with warm water.

- following the end of the hair is necessary with special care.The easiest way - is a means of silicone.They "seal" the ends, retaining moisture therein.Sometimes in pharmacies and online stores, you can find the tablet (capsule) silicone.You can add them to your air conditioning, or simply soak them in a solution of the hair ends.The result is you enjoy.

- Dry shampoo is good because it allows not to wash my hair so often.And yet - it's a quick remedy to bring the hair in order to remove excess fat.The easiest recipe for homemade shampoo such - Mix baking soda and baby powder, apply on hair and then carefully comb.The hair will be easily stowed and injure more than washing them is not necessary.

- If the shampoo is washed away with bad hair, then use the same soda.Add a few teaspoons of baking soda in the water, which was washed hair after shampoo and conditioner.This water is much faster washes hair with any product, even the thick mask.

- have little hair volume?Even the styling agent may be as natural!Mix two teaspoons of sugar, and 20 milliliters of water, pour the compound in a spray bottle and use as a varnish or spray for hair styling.

- natural wave in curlers - safer than chemicals.

- Use a commercially available tools, only suitable for your hair type.You should not wash your hair with shampoo for colored hair, if you are not painted.A suitable product will keep your hair maximum health.

And finally. Be realistic!Not with every hair can make hair like Barbie, not every type of hair during the day will hold a complex installation.Place for your hair trims achievable.And the most natural products will help your hair to implement your plans.

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