Dream Interpretation: what dreamed crocodile

It is known that crocodiles are the same age of dinosaurs and are one of the oldest living beings, and still on the planet.Also, these reptiles can safely be called one of the most dangerous predators, meeting with them could end very badly.What if those terrible animals we dreamed while sleeping?It promises you a dream like any danger, or should it be interpreted differently?We offer to address these issues in several of the most complete and popular dream books.

What dreamed crocodile : Dreams Gustav Miller

According to the interpretation of the dream book, the appearance of a crocodile in a dream promises a dreamer deception and betrayal by one of his closest friends.In addition, your enemies are more activated in the desire to harm you.If you dream that you go on the back of this predator, you're trying to deal with all the problems and troubles solely on their own.Despite the difficulties, you will eventually succeed.Also, such a dream can serve as a warning about the need to avoid excessive frankness in dialogue even with close friends.

Dreams Miss Hasse: what dreamed crocodile

This source considers the dreams that appear crocodiles, as a reflection of the reality in which you are surrounded by people that are configured unfriendly towards you.

Ukrainian dream book, Why dream of crocodiles

According to the compilers of this collection of interpretations of dreams, dreamed crocodile acts warning about the serious dangers threatening him.Therefore, exercise caution and not get involved in dubious ventures.

Islamic dream interpretation: what dreamed crocodile

image of the crocodile is considered the source of the data as the personification of the enemy and detractors.If you dream of this ancient predator, it is possible that soon you will be communicating with a lying person in authority, or trader.What a dream to kill a crocodile?This dream can be interpreted as a possible happy deliverance from all danger.A dream in which the dreamer crocodile drags in the water, it could spell communicate with law enforcement officials, or even arrest.

Dream book from A to Z: what dreamed crocodile

If you had a crocodile at the zoo, in your immediate environment, you may receive the man better than feared.So be very careful with the people, to impose to you as a friend.A dream in which you find yourself in these predator-infested river, warns you about possible deception and betrayal by close friends.Also, such a dream can mean a betrayal of a loved one.If you had a dream that the crocodile tears on the part of the living man, in real life you are threatened big trouble, cope with whom you do not succeed alone.Therefore it is necessary to forget about their own pride and ask for help from someone with whom you once broke off all relations.