Women's Magic Dance

Since time immemorial, in many countries it is women who engaged in magic rituals, which is based on a magical dance.Only flexible plastic and female bodies have been able to convey all the nuances of dancing witch transformation into the desired shape for the ritual.

in Africa and Asia were common dance in which women are embodied in the image of a useful plant for the tribe.The image was created plastics plant and design of the body.The dance itself and the accompanying action as if the plant were forced to leave the motionless world of dark soil and, imitating the movements of witches, to participate in the general dance in the sun.

many ancient women's dances were based on strong swaying hips and chest.Among the main female dance movements were clumsy step with tightly closed knees and springy movements of the legs during which the lap is shifted, then parted wide apart.Movement of the hands was not given much importance.As the ritual poses only fixed position of the hands on the chest, under the chest or abdomen.

So female dance has an enormous role in the life of the tribe.These dances could, in fact, everything to ensure a rich harvest, successful hunt, take the impending drought.In the African Bantu women with the threat of drought took off all his clothes, wore only a narrow belt, wreaths of herbs and performed special, quite frankly dance.

Another type of female dance occupied a significant place in the lives of our ancestors.They were dancing snakes.

Cult snake was distributed almost everywhere.Aboriginal Australia is still considered snake mistress of life.South African tribes believed that inside every woman lives a little snake, through which it is born fruit.The girls in these tribes entering into the marriage age, up to the present time to perform the famous dance of python.

Serpentine always points to the closeness to the earth and to use its powers.In addition, due to periodic dropping of the skin, the snake became associated with the resurrection of the plant forces of nature.It is no accident that the agricultural tribes necessarily have at their dance repertoire own dances of the snake.The image of the snake dance was created as a specific plasticity of hands and body, and by the pattern of dance: women lined up in a chain in the back of his head, tightly holding each other's elbows.Movement of the chain is usually committed in a zigzag or spiral.

There are also dancing with objects reminiscent of the serpent, and directly with live snakes.Do not forget here that the image of the snake, and today is inextricably linked with phallic symbols.

Belief in magic ritual dances of women was so great that they attached particular importance, even in military campaigns.
Receptions witchcraft in female military dances are very similar to the basic techniques of hunting dances.The magic value is attached in the same vibrational motion of the hips and body and movements simulating defeat the purpose.

war dances performed by women in arms, at times throwing it forward (to symbolize the enemy fleeing persecution) and back (which was designed to alienate their husbands from danger).Often these same dances were performed also with ceremonial white brooms made from the tail of a buffalo or a horse - the woman widely waving these items during the dance (to their husbands "dare" enemies to the ground).Often in the hands of the dancers appeared and green branches, tirelessly swaying in the air (to make tireless fighting).

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