What to wear ripped jeans.

fashion world never ceases to amaze unusual solutions.At this time, women are encouraged to wear jeans with numerous cuts.However, those who have never tried on a new trend, the question arises: what to wear with torn jeans, how to choose the suitable accessories and clothes for any such complete?All this you will learn from this article.

Torn jeans - the trend of the world

basis of non-standard design decision was all the usual article of clothing.Jeans have long been a classic, and this means that they can safely experiment.Careless slots and fringe - the simplest thing you can do in such a situation.Thus women may not be limited in the choice of style or color jeans.After all, this year they allowed almost everything!

Ease global trend already appreciated not only movie stars and show business.That is why even those who are far from fashion, choosing jeans (torn female).From what to wear this creative article of clothing and how to pick it up?All this you will learn more.

We select ripped jeans

basic rules that should be followed when going to the store, it is the selection of the model-type figure.Even torn jeans should sit perfectly on the hips and emphasize dignity.After all, the final image is supposed to be feminine and attractive.Therefore, in the case of ragged jeans is very important not to overdo it.

If you have never tried on the current trend, start with the usual style for yourself.This will feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time.However, if you are not afraid to experiment, get a boyfriend-style jeans.Such a model is most popular among movie stars and show business, who in everyday life prefer a practical and simple clothes.

choice of color and material will depend on the final image, you want to get.The main thing that you looked in harmony with the general attire.For example, today is a very popular white ripped jeans.From what to wear this color, it is obvious to all.It should be a bright blouse or top in a contrasting color.While darker trousers models are better suited for pastel shades.

basic rule, which must accompany the choice is comfort and practicality.After all, this article of clothing expresses the freedom of action and movement.Therefore, pick a style that will be perfect to sit on the figure and hide its obvious shortcomings.Shape can be adjusted not only by slots, but also the volume of pockets creative lines or combinations of different colors of denim.Today, the stores represented a very wide range of canvas pants, so you are sure to find a pair.

But with what shoes to wear ripped jeans?This you will learn more.

footwear under ripped jeans

big advantage of canvas pants is that they can be worn with almost any shoe.And this rule applies to both the classic models, and the ripped jeans.If you feel comfortable flat shoes, then you can wear loafers or sneakers.At the same time, you can tuck pant legs and pick up a free top.This will create a laid-back casual image for walks or shopping trip.

Those who can not imagine their daily life without high heels can also try gin and slots.Simply select the most fitting model, and shoes that will highlight the ankle.At the top of this kit can be designed in a classical style.Indeed, to date in the fashion world it is very popular style of fusion, which allows the combination of different clothes by purpose.

What to wear ragged jeans - select accessories

Every woman knows that the image would be incomplete if you do not supplement it with appropriate decorations.But what is worn under ripped jeans?In this case, everything will depend on your personal preferences.After all denim combined both with inexpensive jewelry and precious metals and stones.In addition, relaxed style will smooth the transition from sporty to classic, which will try almost any accessory.

As for the selection of handbags, scarves or hats, it is not necessary to give priority to fabrics that will look more challenging than themselves jeans.After all, this article of clothing in itself attracts attention.So do not overload the bright image of superfluous details.

Features socks and care torn jeans

advantage of the tissue from which performed pants, a simplicity to wear and care for.However, it should be understood that numerous slots can damage the structure of the jeans.Because of this, the product much more quickly lose form and will fit only for household chores.To avoid this, it is recommended to wash the thing by hand in cold water.And when worn to prevent excessive stretching and use the belt.

Can I wear ripped jeans full?

Universal denim pants suit everyone.The same applies to the global trend, which we are discussing today.Can I wear ripped jeans full?Of course!After all, this unusual article of clothing not only makes everyday life comfortable, but also hides figure flaws.The main thing - to find the right style.

full of girls wearing the direct model is recommended, avoiding narrowed leg.This will make the figure more harmonious.Thus the top of the package may be free.For a night out perfect wide cotton shirt.While in the office, you can wear a fitted jacket that visually make the silhouette slimmer.

As for color, the owner of magnificent forms can choose the same model as the slender girl.It will be repelled from the style and color of the kit in general.But what to wear ripped jeans full ladies?

help correct shape contrasting combinations of bright and dark trousers top.In addition, it is possible to focus on the bright shoes with high heels, or upper chest.In both cases, the proportions will look very harmonious.A bulk bag made of leather or cotton hat complement the image and will show others that you have a sense of style.

Disadvantages ripped jeans

Like any world first, trousers made of canvas with cuts and fringe have their drawbacks.Unfortunately, the article of clothing you can wear is not for every occasion.This option is only suitable for casual meetings with friends or for work that does not require a strict dress code.But for a hike in the restaurant business or better to choose the classic model of jeans without causing razrezov.Krome addition, you should not wear torn pants in winter.It's not only contribute to hypothermia, but will not look very aesthetically pleasing.The youth version of denim pants are better left in the hot summer days.

Torn jeans with his hands

Do not rush to throw out an old pair of trousers, which have long lost their color and appearance.It ripped jeans can do even with their hands!To do this you need sharp scissors or razor.Along the length of the legs need to discuss future cuts in pencil or a piece of soap.It is best to do this right in the figure.The slits are made along the planned lines, and then removed the excess thread hands.If the fabric is too thin, it can be attached to the fiber with varnish on the reverse side.This will prevent trousers torn even more.

slots on the jeans can be made quite casually and have defined edges.Today you can find models that have on-site incisions are sewn lace or bright lining.Any design solutions allow you to create a truly unique way.

With these simple steps, you will get a new fashion item in your wardrobe!What to wear with torn jeans, and put them on a case - a matter of taste.