"Chertanovo" - a football school for children.

«Chertanovo» - football school, which in recent years became one of the leading specialized institutions in Moscow and around the Central District.Having behind her support of the Government of Moscow, the head of the center were able to recruit a number of outstanding coaches and put on stream education of young football talent.This is confirmed by the fact that in the junior national team of Russia, which in May 2013 became the champion of Europe, just six people were "chertanovtsami."

history and traditions

Children's football school "Chertanovo", its creation and formation is closely connected with the name BN Sheverneva.This is one of those enthusiasts, with the direct participation which thousands of boys from the outskirts of Moscow, got a chance to not only act in the championship of Moscow, the Soviet Union and Russia, but also get considerable experience, invaluable for their future development.

first set in youth sports school №1 of the Soviet district of the capital it was made in 1976.For several years it has established itself as one of the best training centers for young players.Several of her students became a regular in the national team called Moscow and even in teams of different ages.Fruitful work has enabled the school in five years to get the status of the sports center of Olympic reserve.

However, Boris saw his task is much broader.For him, initially "Chertanovo" - football school, which was not only to educate the future of football players, but also to give pupils a good secondary education.It was on his initiative in 1988 here was opened ordinary schools, which allowed to build a training and educational process in such a way as to maximize the skills and talents to reveal each pupil.

fate of the football school in Russia during

Turbulent 1990s "Chertanovo" met in a new guise.Literally in the last months of the once-great power BN Shevernevu managed to realize his long-cherished dream - to create a true sports-educational cluster.The thing is that in one division were united not only sports school and secondary school, but DOOTS and even beautiful kindergarten.This unification allowed to make a continuous learning process, and to seek out and nurture future football stars almost from infancy.

In the future development of football center proceeded unevenly.There has been a turning point in the mid-2000s, when the school was the main sponsor of the Moscow Government.Largely due to his support, it was able to open a soccer boarding "Chertanovo" and several football fields.Thus, the sports and educational cluster has got an excellent infrastructure, allowing it to operate as efficiently as possible with the young players.

«Chertanovo» - football school.Photos main structural units

Today "Chertanovo" has everything necessary for effective work with young pupils.His main structural element is a school of Olympic reserve, which, along with the male for several years quite successfully operating and women's section.SDYUSSHOR has several training fields, most of which are man-made, with good heating.

in secondary school educational process is structured so that the young students, in spite of the daily workload in training, had the opportunity to get a good education.Administration Centre realizes that not all students will be able in the future to become a football star, but a good education will open the door to a great life to each of them.

It should be emphasized that training in "Chertanovo" absolutely free.Each pupil receives the form and tracksuits, has the ability to use any free sports and educational facilities.Most students receive very impressive scholarship.

wellness center

«Chertanovo» - football school, has one of the best fitness centers in institutions of this type.Despite the fact that it is necessary to further the creation of the Soviet period, in the last decade there have been significant changes.It was purchased new equipment and cabinets to allow wage-quality preventive and remedial work with young pupils.This is particularly important due to the fact that the intensity of the training process even for children and youth level in recent years has increased significantly.

Boarding - pride school sports

«Chertanovo" - a football club, which is a private boarding school.This allows the administration center to seek out talented children across the Moscow region and even in other regions of Russia.There are professional teachers who are not only closely monitor compliance with the daily routine and discipline, but also for each pupil are really the other parent.Special attention is given to orphans, for whom this school football means a lot more than just a sport and educational institutions.

in boarding have all not only for education and sports, but also in order to brighten up your leisure.Young students are able to spare time to play billiards and table tennis, swim in the pool, watch TV, to plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of the games.


«Chertanovo» - football school, which are very sensitive not only to the younger generation, but also to the staffing issue.By the selection of the trainers here are suitable to professional and from a purely human point.This person must have the skills of the teacher and mentor to each pupil to see the person able to find an individual approach to it.This ensures that no notorious "staff turnover" when students do not have time to get used to the demands and practices of the mentor is to replace him comes another.Among the trainers "Chertanovo" is to highlight the LA Ablizina VN Razumovsky, M. and A. Abaeva Makarshin.They all wear the honorary title "Honored coach of Russia" and enjoyed unquestioned authority like students and from colleagues.

championship From Moscow to the Russian team

Football Academy "Chertanovo" professional approach to the process of education players.This applies not only to the availability of excellent training facilities and a nice coaching staff, but also the opportunity for young students to participate in competitions in Moscow and Russia, thus securing practical training received in the arenas skills.

already for almost a decade pupils "Chertanovo" regularly called into the national team in Moscow of all ages.By the way, it concerns not only young people, but also women, because women's football school "Chertanovo" is considered one of the flagships of this sport in our country.

increasingly prominent role "chertanovtsy" play at the level of junior teams of Russia.School Administration emphasizes that success in the gold team, composed of seventeen students, and played a significant role "chertanovtsy": Academy of just six students were the winners of this tournament.Especially among them are defender Vladislav Parshikova and midfielder Yegor Rudkovsky, who are predicting a bright football future.

between CK and the second division

for any young player who aims to break into the team of the Premier League is very important to meet on the field, not only with their peers, but already with the established players.That is why "Chertanovo" finance team acting among collectives of physical culture and in the Second Division.

Football Club "Chertanovo" (Moscow) is not the first acts in the area of ​​"Center" second division.And does it quite successfully, as a strong middle peasants.This school management and coaching staff of the club do not set goals is required to compete for prizes.More important it is to provide opportunities for young players (and age "chertanovtsev" does not exceed 23 years) "Cook" among real men, to realize their potential, to analyze and correct technical errors and gaps in tactics.

in the third division championship of Russia performs amateur club "Chertanovo".There are playing players who for whatever reason have not been able to break into the first team.Experts drew attention to the fact that anyone, even the most talented player is best to start with the most performances of the "bottom" to gradually adding to the skill, develop their technical and tactical skills.

Famous inmates

Football School "Chertanovo", reviews of which are almost always positive, gave the first Soviet and then Russian championships many of the pupils who have left quite an imprint here.Especially against the background of different Igor Kolyvanov, who spent several seasons in the brightest Moscow "Dynamo", and then went to conquer (and successfully!) Spaces of the Italian Serie A.

In addition, graduates of the school in different years were such landmark for the national footballperson as I. Chugaynov A. Gordeev, M. Cheltsov, A. Samorukov.All they are trying to maintain their native academy and speak of her with warmth and gratitude.So, several years ago he established the I. Kolyvanov Cup that bears his name, which was a real treat for the boys.