How to force the former to regret?

He's gone, your life is over.Or not?Try to start to decide what you want really: to move on or return it?Just bear in mind that neither he nor you do not change, if you return your relationship, you have to work hard and work well for them, so that you again become well together.

But if all you really do not see a future without this man, we'll show you how to make it at least think ...

- Let him go.

Men are like that - there is no better way to tie him than to relax the leash, and it is better to remove it altogether.The more clearly he feels his freedom, the less it "to" I want to.

- Stop hysterical.

throws you from one emotional extreme to the other.What are you willing to throw at his feet and beg to come back, then negoduesh "yes he could."Try to cope with all the emotion is useful to you peace of mind to continue to effectively play with him.

- make him jealous.

Nothing excites a man, like jealousy.After all, they are the owners of nature.Put on your best dress, high heels, go with her friends in the raid on the club (just do not forget in each zachekinitsya with sexy photos).Even if he does not respond, the first stone was laid, do not hesitate!

- Show that it is ready to compromise.

For example, if he loves football, and you hate him, call him and tell him that you offer tickets for the match, and you invite him.In general, show him that you are willing to sacrifice something for the sake of your relationship, and what is important to him.

- very slow.

- Your task is to bring him and not push.So act prudently and deliberately.Do not keep ringing him better periodically write on social networks or SMS.Unobtrusive comments to a photo of him in all the same social networks, smiley - all these nice gestures will become one of the drop, which, as we know, wears away the stone.

- Do not sleep with him.

the time being - no sex.Believe me, this is not an option to get it back, but on the contrary - it will push it once and for worse - will understand that he has power over you, and you belong to him body and soul.

- Be spontaneous.

Undoubtedly, the routine has played a role in the fact that your relationship had been destroyed.So - a great holiday, less everyday!Pofantaziruet than you can surprise him - and action, action!He should like you to re-discover this new and you have to really like it!

- wait time.

Time heals, it is an axiom.That is why it is so important to do everything slowly.To your right will add the time factor, or blunt the pain go away completely, forgotten old grudges.And you will be able to give each other a second chance.

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