Hidden Hypnosis

Hypnosis ... What we know about him?At times he is uninformed inexplicable feeling of uncontrollable fear.And only a few are interesting.Indeed, the man who has mastered hidden hypnosis has certain powers, it is in some ways a step above the rest, "mere mortals", having the ability to control our actions.Through hypnosis cured thousands of people, but the other side of the coin shows the thousands of defrauded, robbed by left without money, cars, apartments, and sometimes lost their lives.Covert hypnosis is also called zombies.

in Russia hypnosis really initially considered as a method of healing.Father hypnology in Russia believe neuropsychiatrist spondylitis (line IIX-XX centuries).

The mesmerizing hidden hypnosis?Why so much attention and genuine interest?In a brief article can not describe all the techniques and discover all aspects, so try to plunge at least in its foundations.

clear that hypnosis - manipulation of consciousness that changes the thought and behavior.Many doctors now agree that the most vulnerable place in humans - yet the brain.Indeed, the brain is totally controls all processes in the body.And what would happen if someone subordinate brain at will?This question is just the answer to the questions posed above: namely the ability to control the other person excites the brain.

Today, hypnosis is divided into classical and non-classical.The first was called Pavlovian, and the second - hidden.Divided hidden zombie hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, waking suggestion (both direct and indirect), manipulation (or management or hidden influence).By the way, here it can be attributed to the well-known damage (or the evil eye).Have you heard the expression "a hard look"?The man has no idea of ​​what is covert hypnosis technique is able to influence the other.Even without knowing it.There is a hidden attack.The organism attacked, feeling the impact, including self-defense, and provides SOS, which manifests itself in a poor state of health.

course, there are other types of hypnosis: the hardware, the pharmacological, narkogipnoz.Today, however, we are interested in the art of covert hypnosis.Reviews feel it for yourself different, but boil down to one: the lack of self-control in most cases.

It was under covert hypnosis, bypassing consciousness is subtle effect on the human unconscious.Impact begins with the attachment to the object.At either physical or psychological level.The examples described below are not management.These are just examples.Hypnosis trained long and hard, and he was not immune to everything.

If the saline goes "up" interlocutor: his postures, gestures, the slightest movements.Note the position of the interlocutor in dialogue and try to copy the pose.Unobtrusive.Now turn gestures.Repeat these gestures.And too gently.Conspicuous clowning cause irritation and alienate only interlocutor.If you thought that the accession is successful, touch his chin.If this gesture repeated interlocutor, contact is made.

psychological Joining allows you to manipulate not only the gestures of strangers, but as we found out, train of thought and actions.It is important to understand what thoughts busy brain interlocutor which images of "sitting" in his head.There help eye movements, certain phrases in the speech.If the interviewee -vizual (visuals), in a speech necessarily momentum, "note", "it is clear that ...", "look", "consider".Yes, and eye movement from the visual characteristic: the up-right, down-left ... And build imagery makes pictures look somewhat blurred, detached.

There are so-called audialy.They think auditory images.And in a speech respectively, most "slips", "tell", "listen", "listen."The look is directed to the side (left, right).

kinestetikov Thinking is based on body image.Typical phrases and words: "I was amazed," "I felt", "felt".And eye movement (for example, down-right) speaks of remembrance perceived image: thirst, heat, pain, cold, and so forth.

It allows determination of the type successfully join the man.And then - we entered into the appropriate type phrases.

Where to use this technique?Well, for example, in the negotiations.Or in the office of the chief.Wherever a belief in your opponent's right.Possession of equipment definitely increase the chances of achieving the goal.But ... How will form a map.The slightest mistake - and the result to get back.

possible to "stumble" on such a master of hypnosis somewhere on the street?Yes.And the purpose of this article to teach you how to recognize the tricks that perhaps someone will try to use you.

Roma, for example, often use covert hypnosis.But their method is not a subtle influence on your subconscious mind, and overload.And it achieved this transfer of consciousness while (mixed) exposure: visual perception - the brightness of clothes, gestures;auditory perception - the constant change;kinesthetic perception (physical contact in the form is touched, strokes (usually by hand)).Typically, they lack a couple of minutes before the introduction of the victim in a trance.

Therefore, suspecting (suspecting it, not have felt as to feel you just do not have time to) the use of such methods, go to "ignore": do not talk, do not listen, do not look.Best of all - just go away.Once you start to delve into what you say, the likelihood that you'll be "treated" well, almost one hundred percent.For business, usually taken the master, confident and fluent technique such hypnosis.Your task - to not let themselves to a master.