How to combine the files into one file?

Even modern data transmission systems have their limits.Possibilities for transferring various data and files are very limited.Therefore, when you need to send someone information, we try to do it in small pieces.There are a variety of options like you can share files for the different formats.This is what we will talk today.As the unite into a single file?


first and most obvious way to separate data is part of the creation of multivolume archives.You can download and install on your personal computer program WinRar.It supports all of the known compression formats, and also has a built-in tool that will allow you to break the desired file into smaller pieces.

For example, you need to send mail on the internal working movie.Maybe, for business purposes, and maybe not.Never Mind.But that's the problem - its size of about 8 GB, and mail utility supports files up to 1 GB.What do we do?Add our video archive, making it voluminous.Thus, it will break into many small files that we can pass.

now receiving side must be connected into a single file.To do this, all downloaded small files you need to put in the same folder and start unpacking absolutely any of them.As a result, there will be a compound files into one file.

text and picture

This problem is much simpler.If you need to combine the files into one file, and thus they are text, you need any editor - "Notepad", "WordPad", "Microsoft Word".In order to do this, you need to open both files in different windows, and then do the following.

  1. The first document to set the cursor anywhere in the text.
  2. Press the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + A".You will see the Select all text.
  3. presses "Ctrl + C".This action will copy the information.
  4. Now go into the second window and put a pointer to the file.
  5. Press "Ctrl + V".The copied text is inserted.
  6. Now click "Save As ..." and create a new file, which is the union of the previous two.

image files is a little more complicated.The higher image quality, the more complex the program is used to merge the images.Of course, if you do not care about the quality of the result, you can simply trite use Paint.It will look something like this.

  1. halyards To connect to a single file, open the first of them in the editor.
  2. By default, it will be immediately fully allocated.Copy it the same combination as the text in the above example.
  3. open a second file.Stretch the workspace.You will see a white box appears.Raise it up until you are ready to insert a sufficient area of ​​the copied pattern.
  4. Insert picture.He lay on top of the existing one.Do not touch anything.Just move your mouse over it and click the left button.Drag the image in the white area.

So is simply the union of image files into one.


As you probably know, in PDF files the information is presented in pictures rather than in the texts.You can not select it with the mouse or otherwise, as well as in this format preserves many documents, the compound PDF files into one - a process vital for many.Let's try to examine this particular case of the association.There are two ways of how to carry out this operation.

  1. line.Yes, there are services that allow merge PDF files.You simply download the documents online and then download the result.Unfortunately, this method is not always effective, because the files in this format are quite large, and if at least one of them will be about 50 pages, the process may be delayed.
  2. Offline.You need only download and install the full version of Adobe Acrobat.And follow the following instructions:
  • first on the main panel click "New";
  • then "Combine PDF to one file";
  • add the required files from a computer and sort them;
  • click "Combine";
  • anything can save the ready file on your PC.

Creating virus

Or not quite viruses.The fact is that there are applications that allow "glue" files of different formats.For example, you can write a program and save it in the format of ".exe" and then glued to the image file.Then the man who discovered the picture will automatically launch and execution of your utility.In fact, the majority of anti-virus for a long time such bonding spots and neutralizes them.So what can you maximum of what to do, so it is to make fun and to teach his friend, which is 100% of your data does not use any protection.For example, to link the files into a single file, you can use the app HJ-Split.