How to equip the interior of small bathrooms?

think up and implement an interior bathroom is small in size, which is perfect, absolutely easy!To do this, try to really, as if from outside, to estimate a given space, and imagine that you eventually get, depending on a particular design decision.After the interior of the bathroom is small in size - a sort of compromise functionality and convenience in a limited space.

Estimating the real estate market, it is worth noting that more and more preference given to housing with a practical layout.And not necessarily in this apartment should have a greater squaring.When viewed from the perspective of trends in interior design, the decorative piece fades into the background, giving way to functionality and comfort.Therefore Interior small bathrooms should correspond to its main purpose - to help relax after a hard day's work and provide for a new charge.

Before you start to convert the interior of the bathroom in the apartment, should determine that the main thing, and that - minor.The layout should start with the definition of placing the sink, tub or shower, toilet (if the bathroom toilet).For this reason, if space allows, place and other components of the bathroom - heated towel rails, furniture, accessories and decor.

All communications better positioned between the wall and the plumbing and oblitsevat ceramic tiles.This will help hide communications, violate the overall aesthetics of the room.It will also help to beat the Interior small bathrooms with the help of niches and shelves for storing all kinds of bathroom accessories.So you will save space and be able to avoid clutter room.

Required attribute - a large mirror, which not only decorate the interior of small bathrooms, but also visually expand the space.For lining the walls is better to choose ceramic tiles in pastel colors.Or, on the contrary, that there was no sense of compressed space, use colorful tiles.Thanks to the bright, contrasting combinations Interior small bathrooms will look with a particular style.In support of the accessories you can add echo colors.

for sex, you can select a relief tile contrast with the main color shade.Because of this, you increase the security when moisture on the wet floor, and visually expand the space.

Regarding the design of the ceiling, it can perform a mirror or a stained-glass window, and extra lighting to visually make it higher.

Plumbing equipment plays a significant role.Interior small bathrooms preclude the use of sanitary ware with massive parts.Ideal compact model that will not clutter and overload the space.Corner bath - an excellent option for a small room.

course, beautiful, unique, and most importantly, you can create a comfortable interior room of almost any size.Do not be afraid to show imagination and experiment!