How to align the wooden floors: a particular process

If you want to lay a new parquet or laminate, you have to know how to align the wooden floors.The advantage of such a base that it is environmentally friendly, retains heat well.Before you start the alignment procedure, you should carefully check the surface level of the long and determine the height differences.All results must be recorded.

If the difference is large (not less than 3-5 mm), it is necessary to work on leveling the floor.You can do this by using sanding, plywood, drywall or other sheet materials.Before leveling wooden floors, try to eliminate all of the recesses, bumps and crevices on the ground.You can do this by using putty.

Then you can proceed to the immediate installation of sheet materials, such as OSB, chipboard or plywood.Naturally, on the basis of sex is necessary to build a crate of bars.It should be designed with a level gauge.Between the strips can be laid insulation (expanded clay or wool).Then nail plywood or particle board to the sheathing.And make sure that the joints of the material were on rails.To do this just to start to decompose the material.

Since leveling wood floors can be yourself, you should approach this process responsibly.All holes are left by nails or screws should gloss over putty.What happens next depends on what kind of floor covering to be used.In any case, the joints need to be carefully sanded putty and sandpaper.

Before leveling wooden floors, be sure to determine the type of floor covering.The fact that under the laminate further you have to lay on the base substrate.In addition to particle board and veneer for leveling, you can use special self-leveling mixture.They were created specifically for the reason of timber.Thanks to them, you can eliminate the differences, of up to 2 cm. However, before pouring the mixture should carefully assess the state boards and well fix the items that stagger.This way you can align the wooden floor under the linoleum.And in order that the surface will not crack over time, should be strengthened solution reinforcing mesh.

During alignment, be sure to replace the items that have rotted or broken.Moreover, the floor must be sanded and cover antiseptic.There are cases where the base surface has a very small difference, which, however, can interfere with normal laying the surfacing material.For example, to line the wooden floor under the laminate, you can use the scraping machine.Significantly, it will not be able to fix the level of the surface, but will remove the old coat and make it clean.If the differences are large grounds, use of the above materials for the alignment.Basically, it is all the features of the procedure.