"Poor Liza": The main idea of ​​the work.

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When a man wants to hear the most concise review of the product, he asks him about the basic ideological content.So on our agenda NM Karamzin, and the theme will be: "Poor Liza": the basic idea and its variations, "because everyone is also well known that the main idea is not usually one to work - the main authorpromises, usually several.

Let's start.


Events here will not be considered in detail, just standing to remind the reader that this is extremely dramatic story about a poor naive girl named Lisa and rich beautiful but unscrupulousa young man by the name of Erast.

First he shows her that he loved what he was pleased to its purity and innocence, then when Erast gets her, he throws the girl under various pretexts.

Lisa is upset, is a deep pond and settles scoreswith life.

Karamzin wants to convince the reader that the young Erast also suffered and lived a life without happiness, but somehow this little hard to believe.If life is what teaches, it's that people are selfish and unscrupulous live much better than those who have at least some moral principles and beliefs.The product "Poor Liza", the basic idea hidden in it, do not bring the reader to an understanding of this kind, which is a pity.

«Shallow Hal ...»

and know who enjoys it.But seriously, the only evil is unrequited love, when "one loves and the other allows himself to love" (La Rochefoucauld).The response is love is beautiful, but it is usually humdrum and ends a happy marriage and children.Who wants to read about it?Whether it love unhappy, tragic, as in the work of "Poor Liza", the basic idea of ​​which is in our field of vision.

How fresh dowry Tell Karamzin?

history of poor Lisa is eternal.There will always be foolish and naive girls and boys-sensualists wishing to seduce these girls.Now in some circles it is fashionable to talk about all the classics that she supposedly warning - "a novel-warning", "novel-warning" and so on. D. If it can be said that writing "Poor Liza" (the basic idea of ​​it) - iswarning that it is empty, because the girls somehow will come across the network to the guys callous, soulless.Why is that?Because young women will always want "big and pure love," and this desire will be to guide them through the maze of suffering.

Is there an antidote to the unfortunate fate?

Of course, yes, and it is only one - the training of mind and education.If Lisa was cynical, intelligent, educated (besides it is also beautiful, like an angel), whether it needs it would be so empty and vapid people, Erast?The answer is negative.Of course, represented at this point thinking - not the main idea of ​​the work "Poor Liza," but when she reads a modern man, a conclusion suggests itself.

Lisa had low self-esteem due to the fact that she had been taught from an early age, "Your destiny - live on my knees and do not argue with the Lord."Unfortunately, it could not teach differently in those days (the 18th century).So, focus on the fact that the basic idea of ​​the story "Poor Liza" - "love of evil."In turn, we hope that the history of modern girls Lisa still serve as a warning.