The magical properties of a beryl stone

Properties beryl stone quite well understood.But even without scientific articles, just consider the surface of this magical mineral can form an idea about it.

What is chrysotile?

Green Spring intertwined in this mineral with gentle rays of the sun.When you look at decorating with him, forgetting that Peridot - the stone.Properties zodiac sign associated with it, fade into the background.At first the young soul matures feeling of joy, magic spring sun tranquility and peace.This is what the ancients noticed immediately.Until now reached the legend that beryl protects against "evil eye."His joyful "appearance" Stone gives soul peace, creates a barrier to negative energy.A comparison with emerald comes from the fact that in the sunset beryl takes a deep rich green.Yellow sunlight dims the stone with star, as if sinking into the mineral.

Healing chrysolite

In folk medicine often used this mineral.Based on its sunny "appearance", it is usually recommended for the treatment of nervous diseases.Neuralgia or insomnia can pass if to contemplate the beauty of this green "medicine".However, the properties of the rock, chrysolite allow its use in the treatment and other diseases.In some cases, recommended to wear the stone to improve vision, treatment of stomach, removal of renal colic.Circulatory system can also stimulate chrysolite.For this stone is recommended to apply to the pulse.Some sources recommend wearing it during an epidemic of colds.Peridot protects the wearer from infection, will quickly recover.Pain in the spine also stars in this mineral.


magical properties to protect against the negative impacts of this stone is used much more frequently than in medicine.He is considered one of the main charms.Most likely, this is due to his appearance, inspiring optimism and faith in all good.Properties stone beryl magic used to increase the power of the object you want to protect.So, if you give a figure of chrysotile newlyweds, they ensure a long life without quarrels and scandals.Lone stone will bring good luck to people on the love front.Those who experienced the bitterness of loss, a gem will help restore mental strength.And just from the evil eye beryl it advised to wear all the time.This is especially true of those who are constantly on the mind.Stone pushes envy and malice, carefully guarding the rest of the host.

Gifts of chrysotile

figurines and ornaments with this mineral are appropriate in almost any situation.Properties allow a beryl stone if you do not please the recipient of the gift, then protect it from the negative, which is a lot in our world.Astrologers say that the mineral is more suitable Lions and the twins.Jewellery with him is advisable to wear Virgos and Capricorns.But other signs can have a chrysolite and enjoy its magical properties.Small crafts of chrysotile presented to the wedding (anniversary), an anniversary and a birthday.Presented stone has more power than purchased independently.He seemed to absorb the good intentions of the giver.Jewellery with chrysolite teaches young girls so that they successfully staged their own destiny.