How to reduce breast cancer?

Not every girl happy with her breast size.Sometimes it is too small, and sometimes, as in our case, large.Major changes you will achieve only by surgical intervention.But what about how to reduce breast size without surgery, and is it possible?

Why so?

need to start to look objectively at the situation and think about what is causing your problem.In general they are few.

Features figures.Yes, it happens that inherited by the large breasts, and no matter whether the thin girl, chubby, chest - big.

advantage, so to speak.Here everything is clear, you yourself know the cause of the problem, if you have overweight.

hormones.You may not be overweight or to be slim, but have overly large breasts.It is necessary to consult.Most often appears excessive amounts of the female hormone.This reason may be confused with the first, or vice versa.To be sure, in any case, visit a doctor.

1. Lose Weight

decrease breast cancer at home you can very simple way - to lose weight.Not all is a simple way, but sometimes there is no alternative.Fight with yourself, to get results, get a victory over herself.

It works like this: every kilogram of the chest is reduced by 20 grams.Not advisable to use in this case diet, because you take too much so only temporarily.But if you choose a thorny path and reduce the amount of harmful fatty foods in their diet - will remain in the win.

fact that diets shield you from the delicious, but only for a specific time period, for example for a week.And this week after the diet you will want to eat a human.And you know what?You will gain even more superfluous kg.So unprofitable option.Much more can be achieved by reducing its usual amount of food throughout the day.Plenty some water, we all desire to drink is often confused with the desire to eat.

2. Sport

How to reduce the size of breast girls who love to play sports?There are certain exercises after periodic performance of their muscle mass will increase, and fat - decrease.To succeed with this method, practice four times a week, not less.Remember that you can not deal with on hackneyed program.As soon as you start to get used to the exercise, you will easily carry it out - replaced.

So, jogging in place can be used as the start of classes.Next you'll need dumbbells, small enough for 1 kg, but if you are not new to the sport, and 1-pound dumbbells - for you baby talk, take 3 kg.Lie on your stomach and breed hands apart.Exhale and translate hands in a different position - in front of him.Now, inhale - hand back.With dumbbells prozanimavshis 3-4 times for 20 repetitions.

following exercise is performed on a bench (can be a sofa).You must go so that was just a pillar shoulder belt.Raises his hands above the breast so that the brushes are located opposite each other.Exhale and slowly carry the hands behind his head.How far, you understand, because then the pectoral muscles will strain.This should be done 3 times for 12 repetitions.

you know how to reduce breast cancer by doing special exercises with an elastic band for sports?Moreover, these exercises can be done and to do until you get tired, you can several times a day, when you find the time.In addition to gum it requires any support for it, through which you threw the gum.Now waste, thus pulling the gum, put your hands up to chest level.Exhales - crank arms back, breath - back.

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, lift them, bring to the chest, lower.So you need to do just 20.

Finish again running.You can use to close the previous exercises and stretching or walking fast.But in any case, do not forget about these exercises.Indeed, thanks to them, the body calms down after stress, and lactic acid, which is formed out.

All of these exercises, it is desirable to reinforce nutrition.Combining the first and second method of breast reduction, you will get a great result.Be sure to help the first method, second, because the mass is reduced, and the skin?What with her?That's why you need to do.

How to reduce breast cancer by Babulin recipes?

books on folk medicine to poor recipes of this kind, but that's one of the few who still came up with the ancestors.

To do this you need to collect more green poppy heads.This will compress, and one to take about 50 bits.They are filled with water (2 cups), put on fire, and then, when the poppies boil, slow down and keep the fire for another 15 minutes.Such ostuzhennoy broth should drain, and at night to the breast tissue dampened with this miracle potion.Make compresses every night.You can seal the cloth cling film to avoid soiling and wear a T-shirt.In the morning go to the shower.

However, for the greater likelihood of improvement chest and do special exercises.Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, but from one breast lotions can not simply be reduced.But if you do compresses the evening, after a good workout the muscles of the chest and shoulder area, then they obviously will encourage you and give confidence.

not forget about leaving!

process of breast reduction is not only directly decrease it, but the care, namely braces and support tone.You can use as a cream shop and household masks and creams homemade.The cream manufacturers add special ingredients to facilitate lifting, you try to mask out the yolk and honey, cucumber.You can also help herself right in the heart.Contrast shower massage to the breast skin will work great.

Now you know not only how to reduce breast cancer, but also about skin care during this reduction.And this is not unimportant.So, a lot of women out of stupidity would have a good result, if supported by the chest in tone, rather than just lose weight rapidly, even without doing exercise.You, if you lose weight and tighten the chest exercises will not stay with sagging skin.And adding to the whole complex also such nice treatment - 100% will be satisfied.

How to reduce breast cancer at least visually?

While you work on breast reduction, and it is quite a long process, it is possible to make the size of the breasts appear smaller than it actually is.Similarly, you will achieve this with the help of minimizers - underwear that is designed specifically for women with a larger bust, it helps to pull more or less superfluous.

Can be used and clothes.For example, V-shaped neckline will look good on a big chest, he optically reduce it.But the high neck, which is popular myth visually makes your breast size is smaller on the contrary focuses her attention.

Choose neobtyagivayuschuyu clothing, but not baggy blouses that do make you besfigurnoy and featureless.And less emphasis on Goody: bright colors in this area, ruffles and flounces, any other elements - need to get rid of them.While variations are possible with light scarves and beads.


desire to reduce the breast is not unique to you, there are women who have turned to achieve results.Not just to know how to reduce the size of the breast at home, the reviews are important too in this case.So you can learn how to cope with her, literally, the biggest problem the other women.

There are women who are terribly large breasts, if I may say so, the nature of awards.At first it might like, but then there are problems.Chest constantly interferes too disproportionate look at the background of the figure.When they decide to learn how to reduce breast cancer at home, reviews inspire.There are so many ways that are related to physical activity.You can choose your exercises if the weight of no major complaints.The truth is, reduce the amount of fatty foods in your diet.Remember that diminish the chest after a month you will not succeed.For this you need to go, go and go.The main thing - do not throw anything, even if the explicit results will not be visible at first.In the end, you do not spend time on unnecessary activity.Many predstvleny information about how to reduce breast cancer.Reviews adds even more confidence that everything will turn out.So your breasts in your hands.

There are women who are faced with the problem of large breasts after having children.As a gift to his little pleasures they receive, and of good quantity of excess weight.While mothers on maternity leave, they rarely think about the problem, a big problem that has arisen.And then you need to look for a job, and it was then understood the seriousness of what happened: Clothes totally for the future, not only of the pope, but also in the chest.Then they start looking for ways to reduce the chest in the complex, see how to reduce the size of the breast at home, reviews of how well women are able to work on.Many of the reviews just know that diet can not be too much to hope, you need to start eating right.And here it is - the numbers on the scale each time falling.The main thing - time to find out what you need to not only lose weight, but also to engage in physical exercise, and the skin will look awful after weight loss.If you act according to the rules, and the results are usually mind-boggling!Chest looks chic, smart, and like any birth was not.


Girls strongly advised to see a doctor, if the breast, to put it mildly, bolshevat.Many have been found (after a thousand tests) health problems in the hormonal background.It is better to do it sooner rather than where the state of health will make it do.In addition, the doctor may suggest how exactly you can reduce breast cancer at home.Reviews by the way, the girls added determination to march to the doctor.

therefore unashamedly call the doctor.If you are experiencing that go to the hospital, but in the end it turns out that you have nothing to worry, and the doctor will develop some of you out there opinion, throw it all out of my head.He's a doctor - such is his destiny.Someone he grieves, and then heals, but in your case it is, on the contrary, will give you, say that the alarm was false.In the end, that's great, you are worried about your health, you are there as nowhere else will understand.