Adjustable valve - management products and design features

In all the product lines are transported under a certain pressure.In order to overlap its flow, shut-off valves are used, and the adjustment valve is one of its variants.With it you can narrow or expand to a minimum to a maximum cross-sectional area in the pipe.Accordingly, the product, whether it be water, lye or oil will leak small trickle or disposed of under the pressure from the tap.It should be noted that the control valve is not to shut off the flow completely, and then open it.To this are stopcocks.It is required only to control the force of the system pressure.

Forms Management

If the domestic pipeline control valve is under manual control, in industrial environments use different types of drive mechanisms.For fixture mounted sensors, to eliminate indicators of the transported product.These details are transmitted to a microcontroller connected to the drive, which is run by their signal.He carries an adjustable valve to a new position.Types of control depends on the drive mechanism:

  • Pneumatic.
  • electromagnetic drive.
  • Electric.
  • hydraulic drive mechanism.

In some companies still use manual control, but this is becoming a rarity.But the motorized control valve has the widest range of applications in industrial environments.

from the drive force is supplied to the gate of the controlled valve.It consists of two elements: a seat and a plunger.The seat in the housing is stationary.But the plug controls the flow.When it narrows the cross section is changed velocity of the fluid or gas pressure in the pipeline.If the plug is included in the saddle, the cross section is minimal.In pipelines with large bandwidth use dvusedelnymi gate valves that provide a more efficient management of pressure.

Economic factors Economic efficiency of use of various valves depends on many factors, including the type of fixture.It can be welded, choke, flange mounted on the clutch or hoe.The reliability of the connection makes it possible to operate the control valve for a long time.Price installation, the complexity of maintenance and care of the drive mechanisms ultimately determines the profitability of the pipeline.The welded joint is a reliable and low cost, but it can only be used for steel valves.

Structural differences

Despite the apparent similarities with isolation valves have variable valve has its own characteristics in the design.First of all, necessary to select an option with a predetermined flow direction.Further attention should be paid to a section of the pipeline need reinforcement.If it is designed for a smooth, without changing the direction of the track, it will approach the entrance valve.In systems with curves, using the angular design.There are mixers with multiple nozzles.For example, the three-way valve has two inputs and one output.