Zeya reservoir - a source of prosperity in the region or the beginning of an ecological catastrophe?

Zeya reservoir - a mighty reservoir reaches a depth of 93 meters.It's amazing beauty and power structure, on the one hand, it is seen as a great blessing, promote economic development and improve people's lives, and on the other - as the great evil, disturbing the natural balance and cause damage to the environment.Both these views are absolutely valid.Recently, more and more confident and insistent voice of "green" that the water level in the Zeya reservoir carries the extreme danger.After all, if the integrity of the dam broken, then all the settlements and cities, below the dam, the river will be washed away by strong currents from the earth.

Zeya reservoir changed the face of the Amur region

its first current Far Eastern gave HPP in late autumn 1975.Hard work and great efforts were required in order to create the Zeya reservoir.But as a result of settlements all located within a radius of several hundred kilometers, we received cheap electrical energy.Hydroelectric power is enormous.It gives up to 5 billion kW / h of electricity per year.In addition, specialists and HPPs perform additional activities.They regulate the frequency of the current optimize peak load in the system of the Far Eastern energy complex, maintaining the necessary performance of active power.In addition, under the constant supervision is still Zeya reservoir.Clear water - the event that it is necessary at the time of occurrence of flood peaks to the pressure on the dam could not reach a critical point.At the same time for the entire period of operation there had been no accidents, and everything Priamure glittered with lights.There were built large enterprises, the industry has evolved.

population received protection from floods, heat and light

In the harsh winter season, thanks to the energy that produces Zeya reservoir, or rather its water heated house all the Far Eastern region of Russia, including Primorye Territory, the Amurregion, Khabarovsk Krai, Chita and its entire area.In addition, people have ceased to suffer and die from the catastrophic floods that regularly, every 2-3 years, flooded entire villages, carried away cattle and belongings.Uncontrolled water flow causes irreparable damage to fertile soil layer that did not contribute to the development of the agricultural sector.

Negative factors

In the process of design and construction of hydroelectric power station does not bother anyone that the Zeya reservoir will flood a huge forest.Therefore, trees and bushes covered more than half of its bottom.With the construction of the new facility were built villages for resettlement of residents from 14 villages to be flooded.However, work on clearing the forest, local authorities have decided not to carry out, not seeing in this any threat.Today, submerged as a result of rotting wood releases phenols, and their concentration is growing.It is one of the negative factors.Another is that the dam has divided the river into two parts, so from the lower reaches of the fish can not climb to its headwaters to spawn.Thus, the Zeya reservoir caused significant and irreversible environmental damage.